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Duterte supporter Elizabeth Oropesa wants Francisco Duque III, Harry Roque kicked out

Appeals for Duque and Roque to step down for inefficiency and insensitivity

Steadfast Duterte supporter and veteran actress Elizabeth Oropesa wants Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque and Secretary of Health Francisco Duque III kicked out from their current positions.

Elizabeth Oropesa or La Oropesa is a multi-awarded actress who has appeared in numerous films and TV shows since 1973. The veteran actress is also known for being one of President Rodrigo Duterte’s devoted supporters.

The actress shared in an interview with DZRH last Monday, July 6, that she will be producing a film to provide jobs for those who are working in the film industry.

In the same interview, Oropesa also expressed her disappointment in the present administration’s officials, in particular Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque and Secretary of Health Francisco Duque III.

“Ang dami kasing taong nakaupo sa gobyerno na akala nila, 100 percent kakampi nila ako. Nagkakamali sila… Number one si Duque, ayaw ko kay Duque. Ayaw ko kay Roque,” she said.

She said, “Ayaw ko kay Duque, kasi puro na lang kapalpakan. Lahat na lang ng mga sinasabi niya… pag sinabi niya, pula, actually puti yun. Pag sinabi niya brown, actually, ang ibig sabihin nun, black. Palaging mali. Tandaan mo iyan. Basahin mo lahat na pronouncements niya, puro baligtad.”

“Ito namang si Roque, putsa naman, o! I’m a scuba diver, search and rescue ako. Lahat kami, law-abiding citizen, ipinagbawal iyan mag-scuba dive sa lahat. Ke professional ka, ke search and rescue ka, lahat bawal iyan. Tapos, nakipaglaro sa dolphins, naka-pose pa. Ano ba, hello?!” she added.

Roque was recently mocked by Netizens as he congratulates the country for beating the University of The Philippines’ COVID-19 forecast. “Panalo na tayo (We won). We beat the UP prediction. Congratulations, Philippines! Let’s do it again in July,” said Roque, throwing his fist in the air.

Last June, a group of medical workers appealed to Duque to step down as he didn’t come up with a concrete plan for COVID-19, resulting in high infection rates. The Alliance of Health Workers (AHW) said that Duque should be held accountable for the mess as the country registered over 34,000 COVID-19 cases at the time.

“As we bravely fight the virulent disease, let us not allow the government authorities especially the DOH to abandon their primordial duty to ensure health workers’ safety and well-being,” AHW national president Robert Mendoza said in a statement posted on their Facebook page.

“We demand Secretary Duque’s resignation and hold him accountable for his neglect, incompetence, shortcomings, and failure in dealing with (the) health crisis especially in COVID-19 response,” he added.


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