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Teddy Corpuz urges teachers to be considerate in new normal

Musician, Comedian host Teddy Corpuz took to Twitter asking teachers to be considerate when it comes to requirements amidst the online classes in the new normal

In his Instagram post, musician and Its Showtime host Teddy Corpuz asked teachers of online classes to be considerate with requirements.

He added despite his degree in Computer Science, he admittedly has struggles grasping the online class set up.

He also replied to a netizen on Twitter who apologized on behalf of teachers who are also struggling with the online class set up during the new normal. He notes that teachers, students, and parents can help each other out by being considerate.

With the pandemic, both the Department of Education and Commission on Higher Education have agreed on implementing online classes to accommodate the New Normal.b

Not everyone can afford an online class set up and most parents, students, and teachers are still struggling with the New Normal setup wherein classes are to be done at home through the online conference.

Netizens, teachers, students, and parents have also voiced out their struggles with the online classes via Twitter. Most of their complaints were about either the schedules, the interface, or the instructions in classes.

One netizen also noted that internet connection adds to the difficulty of the online class set up.

CHED and DepEd both agree on continuing with the online class set up during the new normal this September despite the struggles voiced out by the teachers, parents, and students.


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