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EXCLUSIVE: Bianca Umali reacts to five ‘keywords’ that best describe her

When asked about the keyword Kapuso, Bianca noted that she considers herself as ‘Kapuso’ for life. She also recounted her experiences during her younger years in showbiz.

In an exclusive interview with LionhearTV, actress, and advocate Bianca Umali reacted to five keywords that best describe her.

These keywords came from the online community.

For instance, the keyword ‘Empowered Woman’.

She agreed to this keyword and added that she wants to spread self-love, self-worth, and self-respect.

“Yes I can confidently say that I’m an empowered woman. Ang gusto ko maspread ko ang self-love, self worth and self respect na natutunan ko through out the experience that I have sa buhay ko,” said Bianca.

She also noted her advocacy with World Vision, #GirlsCan.

“Our advocacy which is called #GirlsCan. This is our advocacy now. Well, actually we launched it I think a year ago or two years ago kasabay po ito ng Sahaya. I led the campaign for the 1000 girls campaign. Our goal every year is to have 1000 girls supported by October 11, which is the international day of the girl,” Bianca noted.

Bianca also noted how happy she is to inspire and empower girls at a young age. She also wanted to thank those people who supported her advocacy.

“So nakakatuwa po na mag lead ng ganitong advocacy aside from it being women and girl empowerment. I get to inspire and empower girls at a younger age. Nakakatuwa kasi ang dami din po sumusuporta. Ang daming positive feedback sa advocacies and sa campaigns namin. I hope marami pa pong mag support,” said Bianca.

Next, the keyword ‘Love Team’

When asked about the keyword Love Team, Bianca acknowledged that it helped start her career.

“I think its because dun po ako nagstart. Doon umikot yung career ko na kung paano ako nakilala ng mga tao. But I guess its also a phase and I do understand that its not easy to forget,” said Bianca.

She then thanked those people who supported her career and love teams during her early years in showbiz.

“Of course blessing din po na naging ganon yung impact ng phase ng career ko na mayroon akong partner. I was known as one of our love team. Maraming maraming salamat pa rin sa mga taon sumuporta sa akin at sa amin. At sa phase ng career ko na yun and di ko rin makakalimutan yung experiences and yung supporta and yung naging impact ng parte ng career ko,” said Bianca.

On the keyword ‘Kapuso’

When asked about the keyword Kapuso, Bianca noted that she considers herself as ‘Kapuso’ for life. She also recounted her experiences during her younger years in showbiz.

“Kapuso for life. I’m always happy to be a Kapuso I think I always and forever will be. Ever since na nagstart ako ng Tropang Potchi, I was 9. Actually even before then, nagstart po ako ng extra-extra. Nagstart ako bilang talent. Nagstart ako as yung mga passerby. Yung mga nakaupo lang jan sa gilid para may kumakain sa table sa shot na to ng director at yung artista da-dialogue sa harap ko. Ganon po ako nagsimula eh,” Bianca narrated.

She also recalled her hard work and how it led her to her success. She then thanked GMA7 for their support and trust.

“Ever since I have been doing this with GMA. Hanggang sa nagsipag ako na mag audition ng mag-audition. Pumila ng napakahaba hanggang sa nakarating na po ako sa kung nasaan ako today. Kaya malaking malaki po yung utang na loob ko sa aking network. Sa aking Home Network. Ang GMA Network. I’m very thankful for all the blessings that they have given me and for the trust that they have po sa akin,” said Bianca.

On the keyword ‘Sexy’

Bianca acknowledged that she does get this description a lot. But, she considers herself as physically fit instead of sexy.

“Actually I get this a lot. I would call myself physically fit. When you say sexy its the complete package na talagang paano ba… Hubad hubad you know, being super confident na maging daring and maging mature. I guess sa ngayon matatawag ko yung sarili ko na physically fit but of course, I’m very flattered na sexy ang isa sa mga tingin sa akin ng mga tao. I think it depends on how you carry yourself,” Bianca narrated.

She then noted that her family has been a huge influence on her confidence when it comes to her body. She also added it helped her push her advocacy for empowering women.

“Yes I am physically fit, and mentally as well, and I’m just confident in my body ganon ako napalaki ng pamilya ko. Kaming magkakapatid we were all taught to be confident and to love ourselves and that’s part of what I’m trying to spread actually through the advocacy of being an empowered woman. It’s being confident in yourself, in your own skin, in your own body no matter what other people say. No matter what other people’s opinions are what matters is your opinion,” said Bianca.

On the keyword ‘Influencer’

When asked about the keyword ‘influencer’, Bianca noted that she heard it first from LionhearTV. She noted that one of her goals is to be an influencer.

“Actually first time ko po marining na matatawag ko na influencer yung sarili ko. I think isa sya sa mga goals na matagal ko ng gustong ma achieve and now I think itong pong sinasabi nyo po sakin ay isang confirmation na na achieve ko na ang pagiging influencer. Maraming salamat po kasi its what I love doing. Inspiring and influencing people especially younger ones,” said Bianca.

When asked about how she manages her posts online, she said that she checks them with her management team before she posts them on her social media.

“It depends on the post. It depends on the content that I will be posting because there are different kinds of posts. For me as an advocate, I have some of my posts that are related to my advocacy which sometimes comes out parang political. So it’s very sensitive words. Most of my posts I send to them, I have them check, I have them read the caption na naisulat ko. Ayun po pag naapprove na po nila, that’s when I post,” said Bianca.

Bianca also noted the current state of social media and how scary it is to post with so many opinions out there. She added that she did learn about self-respect, self-love, and self-confidence with the opinions on social media.

“With just one click and kapag ayaw ng mga tao yung nilagay mo sa social media they will go for you. Kaya ka nilang kainin ng buhay. Maraming beses ko na rin po sya napagdaanan. Dun ko din natutunan yung self-respect, self-love, and self-confidence,” said Bianca.

She also noted that she takes negative comments positively and she had never responded to any online trolls on her social media.

“I take negative comments positively. I like criticisms, I respect the opinions of other people and never po akong pumatol sa kahit na sinong fan or sa kahit na sino mang nagcomment ng negative, I have never replied to any ever. Or not that I remember. Pero sure po ako,” said Bianca.

Maria Isadora Bianca Soler Umali is a Filipina actress, commercial model, and dancer. She is currently a contract artist of GMA Network and GMA Artist Center. She starred in the GMA Network hit TV series, Kambal Karibal and Sahaya. Bianca is also included in the upcoming third season of HBO’s original series Halfworlds.

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