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Why is #YesToABSCBNShutdown Trending Again on Twitter?

Kapamilya supporters took notice of the number of submissions.

The #YesToABSCBNShutdown trended again on Twitter, but not because of Twitter trolls or Diehard Duterte Supporters.

After eight months, the hashtag trended again with the return of the most famous house in the country, Pinoy Big Brother. With the 9th season of the beloved reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother: Connect, showrunners started auditions via the Kumu app. On the second day of the auditions, ABS-CBN announced that they received over 11,000 submissions.

Kapamilya supporters took notice of the number of submissions. They used the #YesToABSCBNShutdown to call out the audacity of Twitter trolls and DDS who wanted to audition for PBB despite being against the network that runs the show which made the hashtag trend again.

Radio DJ Chacha noted that showrunners should check the auditionees’ social media to see if they used the hashtag in the past.

“Pakicheck po maigi ang wall ng auditionees baka may makapasok diyan na #YesToABSCBNShutDown Sa bahay ni Lola ipasok mga yooon!” said DJ Chacha via Twitter.

Then, it followed a myriad of tweets from other Kapamilya netizens that used the same hashtag to call out DDS and Twitter trolls who auditioned for PBB after supporting the shutdown of ABS-CBN. Here are some of the tweets:

“#YesToABSCBNShutDown pero #YesToPBBKumuAudition Pick a struggle cyst. Lol. Ct Kapamilya Kingdom,” said DeeDee Holliday via Twitter.

“DDS: #YesToABSCBNShutDown Also DDS: joins in the #PBBKumuAudition,” said MJ via Twitter.

#YesToABSCBNShutDown but has the audacity to audition on PBB nge hypocrites,” said Mira via Twitter.

“in July you were like : #YesToABSCBNShutDown now you wanna: #PBBKumuAuditions #PBBConnect,” said Chris via Twitter.

“Is it true that someone who said #YesToABSCBNShutDown, is auditioning to PBB? Damn, you people suck,” said Nemesystem via Twitter.

Back in December of 2019, the #YesToABSCBNShutdown trended after President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to shut down ABS-CBN.  Then it trended again when Solicitor General Jose Calida filed a Quo Quaranto petition against the media giant before the supreme court in February of 2020.


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