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  • Lino Cayetano discusses long-term future with Viva Entertainment

    At the media conference for Secrets of Nympho on October 13, to which LionhearTV got invited, Rein Entertainment executive Lino Cayetano discussed their future with Viva. Cayetano revealed that they signed a long-term contract with Viva. “And we’re excited. We finished shooting. We have such a /wonderful cast talagang is such a pleasure to work […] More

  • Direk Lino Cayetano explains why showbiz people tend to get into politics

    Lino Cayetano, former Taguig Mayor Director, and Rein Entertainment executive, explained why showbiz people tend to enter politics. Cayetano explained at the media conference for ‘Secrets of Nympho’ last October 13, where LionhearTV was invited, that celebrities and entertainment industry people go into politics because of their passion for show business. He highlighted how showbiz […] More

  • Direk Mervyn Brondial, shocked by his first sexy genre project

    At the story conference for Lovely Ladies Dorm with the press, including LionhearTV, on October 13, Director Mervyn Brondial admitted he got shocked by his first sexy genre project. Brondial acknowledged that he had to explore other art forms as a director. “Yes po, pero at some point kailangan mo din mag-explore ng ibang other […] More

  • Hershie De Leon acknowledged her time to take on more sexy scenes

    Viva artist Hershie De Leon on October 13, acknowledged that it was time for her to take on more sexy scenes.  At the story conference for Lovely Ladies Dorm with the press, including LionhearTV, De Leon considered it was time for her to have a top-billing role in a sexy genre project. “Hindi ko ma-explain […] More

  • Baron Geisler’s ‘Doll House,’ KathNiel’s ‘2 Good 2 Be True’ rule Netflix Philippines viewership

    This week, the box office royalty KathNiel and the ‘2000s leading man Baron Geisler dominated the local Netflix movie and TV charts. Box office royalties and powerhouse love team Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, a.k.a. KathNiel continues their domination on Netflix Philippines, as their top-rating primetime series, 2 Good 2 Be True, remains the most streamed TV […] More

  • Vivamax’s ‘Relyebo’ Review: Chasing Steamy Fantasies

    Aquino’s exquisite artistic choices and the powerful portrayals of de Guzman and Bermas gave this Vivamax feature an irresistible appeal, enough to compensate for its predictable storyline. VIVA FILMS Actors: Sean de Guzman, Christine Bermas, Jela Cuenca, Jeric Raval, Lara Morena, Carlene Aguilar, Jeffrey Hidalgo, Juliana Segovia-Pariscova Genre:Sexy, Thriller Premise: A security guard is charmed by […] More

  • ‘Tara, G’ Review: The Magic of Dreaming Together

    Inherently earnest and endearingly fun, this new youth-oriented drama–anchored upon its heartwarming tale about the magic of dreaming together and working together to reach one common dream. STAR CREATIVES Actors: Anthony Jennings,Daniela Stranner,Kaori Oinuma,JC Alcantara,Vivoree, Zach Castañeda, CJ Salonga Genre: Youth, Drama Premise: A traditional coffee farmer and his crew strive their hardest to help […] More

  • A Film Review: Finding Life’s Missing Piece in Netflix’s ‘Doll House’

    Flawed and tainted with tiny but noticeable inconsistencies, Doll House is a sappy and sentimental drama poised to touch the heart. The plot has some unrealistic elements, including Yumi’s uncle leaving her to get a babysitter by an almost stranger, which foreign audiences may easily see as foolish.  MAVX PRODUCTIONS Actors: Baron Geisler,Althea Ruedas,Mary Joy Apostol, Phi […] More

  • ABS-CBN to premiere new drama series ‘Cattleya Killer’ at MIPCOM Cannes 2022

    ABS-CBN, the world’s premiere and largest Filipino entertainment company, brings Filipino content to an international audience with a premiere screening of a new drama series, “Cattleya Killer,” at this year’s MIPCOM Cannes. The company will present the pilot of the six-part series to industry decision makers, in anticipation of securing a global distribution partner. “Cattleya […] More

  • Vivamax’s ‘Pabuya’ Review: Lacking in Reward Points

    While some [interesting] choices by its director kept the film afloat, this gangster-themed Vivamax feature feels lacking a reward. VIVA FILMS Actors: Diego Loyzaga, Franki Russell,  Jela Cuenca, Felix Rocco, Jiad Arroyo, Andrea Garcia, Marco Gomez, Thor Gomez, Ayesha Aure, Jean Kiley, Aivy Rodriguez, Shiela Snow, Sujin  Kwon, Billy Villeta, Chad Alviar, Yuki Sakamoto, JR Baring […] More

  • ABS-CBN Film Restoration brings restored Filipino Classics to Netflix

    ABS-CBN Film Restoration continuously makes Filipino cinematic classics accessible through various platforms for today’s audiences as it brings forth some of its digitally restored and remastered titles streaming on-demand via Netflix. Up until the end of 2022, ABS-CBN Film Restoration and its Sagip Pelikula initiative will introduce an array of restored Pinoy films of all […] More

  • ‘Home Buddies’ founder Frances Cabatuando talked about the growth of her online community

    At the media conference for the PIE Channel with the press, including LionhearTV, on October 6, Home Buddies founder Frances Cabatuando talked about the growth of her online community. Cabatuando highlighted her online community’s expansion through the group Home Buddies Hangouts, wherein they provide information regarding hotels, resorts, travel hacks, etc. “Exciting na gusto ko […] More

  • GMA Network strengthens online presence with 28 million YouTube subscribers

    The Kapuso Network continuously solidifies its online strongholds by attracting more than 28 million subscribers on YouTube. Already the undisputed number one TV network in the country, GMA Network is seemingly finding its way into staking its claim on dominance over another territory. Its official YouTube channel added a million more new subscribers, four months […] More