This April, RAWR Pulse—your most reliable pop-meter of what and who is in—throws the spotlight over emerging stars that are either yet to begin their showbiz careers or just starting to make a name for themselves. Since the public’s opinion plays a crucial role in gauging artist’s popularity, the new RAWR Pulse poll will try to figure out the fighting chance of several emerging and newbie stars getting big this year. Decide who among these stars can make it big in 2021 by getting your vote counted now.

Take note that voting for RAWR Pulse will come from two parts: 50% from the website votes and 50% from eMVP search engine results. Every click, every search, every activity leading to LionhearTV, Dailypedia, and PH Entertainment with the keyword from any of the nominees will be counted as one vote.

The voting app’s refresh time is every after six (6) hours, so you can vote four (4) times a day. Voting ends on May 8, 11:45pm.

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