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James Reid and Nadine Lustre reveal 7 Facts About Each Other You Probably Didn’t Know

James Reid and Nadine Lustre, more commonly known as JaDine, revealed in a press launch just how much they know each other. Each of them divulged certain details implying they’re either the best of friends or the best of… (aherms, please fill in the blank).

JaDine for 7-Eleven City Blends

Anyway, James Reid reveals that Nadine, is what he calls a “deep sleeper”. She’s “impossible to wake up!” He demonstrates how he wakes her up. First, by gently shaking Nadine on the shoulder, and then more vigorously the next.

He says this happens during tapings. But then, we wondered (but didn’t ask), why is he the one who’s waking her up? Isn’t that supposed to be the job of Nadine’s PA or personal assistant?

Nadine for her part, said that James is a sleepyhead. He only has to sit back, and after a while he’s already asleep.

James described Nadine as a morning person. Someone who’s always awake and loud and with music. Nadine, he says, is also terrible in making decisions. She cannot easily decide which food to eat, etc.

Meanwhile, Nadine says that unlike herself, James is a nocturnal person. He’s a cat person and when it comes to food, he doesn’t like eating fish when it still looks like a fish.

James explained it further by giving an example. He loves lechon, he says. But when he sees a whole roasted pig with an apple on its mouth laid out on the table, he doesn’t want to eat it anymore.

Now here’s something that really made the media people perk up. Nadine says that she and James both love Japanese culture. James had been to Japan but not Nadine.

When the moderator asked, “Are you gonna bring her there?”. James answered by saying that he was supposed to, during Nadine’s birthday last year.

Noting that Nadine’s birthday is still a few days away, the host asked if James will surprise Nadine with a Japan trip. He smiled and said, “Maybe.”

It also surprised everyone when James disclosed that Nadine is OC (obsessive-compulsive). He cites for example that Nadine is so OC that when it comes to posting on her Instagram account, she even has a separate account just to test how it would look like. Nadine would do this before she would post on her real account.

The last thing that Nadine observed is that both of them love adventure time. James explained that their career is a whole adventure since they both started from nothing. He said he loves it that they both understand how each one of them feels regarding the direction that their career had taken.

Nadine agreed and added that their concerts, mall shows, tapings, and shootings are all part of their adventure.

The JaDine love team has come a long way. JaDine has graduated from portraying romantic teen roles to more mature ones, like those of Leah and Clark on their hit series On The Wings of Love. Their kissing scenes and love scenes are top trending topics on Twitter, as their fans swoon and sigh over one of the hottest love teams in the country.


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