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WATCH: Jericho Rosales conquers the heart of Cebuanos during “Kuya J” grand launch

On Saturday of September 27, 2015 the original favorite from Cebu, “Kuya J”, an authentic Filipino Restaurant has invited Manileños media, press and guests, to experience its native specialties and signature “Crispy Pata” dish right at the heart of Cebu. When they say a “Kuya J” experience, it is not just a typical food-tasting event as they have packed a complete experience that only Cebu and Cebuanos can bring. With Cebu known for its “Lechon Cebu”, “Kuya J” is starting to conquer the country with its food business with the finest line of Filipino recipes. Homegrown by its roots from Cebu, the restaurant business is deeply-rooted with its love for Family and bonding over food, a traditional trait of Filipinos.

The “Kuya J” team and executives warmly welcomed all of their guests into a mouth-watering seafood lunch at Isla Sugbu Seafood City, a sister restaurant of “Kuya J”. All seafood served were freshly cooked straight from large aquariums, right inside the vicinity, similar to a “paluto” style where food are prepared and harvested as ordered from a wet section in an indoor market. All smiles from the guests as they went into a “food-coma” as if the food were non-stop overflowing from servers coming back-and-forth. From white meat, clam shells, shellfish and some red meat, they were all served into large servings of perfection.


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As “Kuya J’s” newest endorser, Jericho Rosales joined the guests with the warm welcome of the marketing team, to start the big day of the grand launch of their home city branch of “Kuya J”. You would notice how “Echo” is on the social gathering, as he shows how he can blend-in easily to anyone with a natural hospitality he posses.

kuya_j_cebu-1As guests traverse Cebu, they were serenaded by Echo, together with the Cebuano fans, a line-up of love songs and acoustic jams.


His love for music overwhelms everyone, not only by singing on-stage, but on how he interacts with the audience song-after-song. Echo’s heart is really for the Filipino fans as he makes sure they feel the connection between them, and how he makes them feel that there is no barrier between a big celebrity like him and a normal Filipino audience. He roamed-around the concert venue at SM Cebu and closely serenaded screaming girls and everyone watching, as if he wants to reach everyone closely for the said moment.


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He even invited some guests to sing, talk and hug him near the stage, a trait of being down-to-earth and approachable person he truly is.



This is truly a momentous event not just for Echo’s career but also in his personal life as well, since he celebrate his birthday during the big day.


And when it’s time for everyone to gather at the most-awaited grand launch, Echo’s arrival of the “Kuya J” SM Cebu Restaurant, was welcomed by a large crowd, waiting for their chance to glance at the award-winning actor. The entrance of “Kuya J” was cheered by drummers, playing Cebu’s signature ethnic theme.


As the program started, hungry guests were not let to wait any longer as Filipino dishes started coming in. “Kuya J” projects the homey ambiance, to bring to its guests the Family experience, where everyone gets to bond and enjoy the traditional Filipino food, typically enjoyed at home. With the company’s goal is to live the saying, “The family who eats good food together, shares great times together”.

At modern times, “Kuya J” wants to bring back the conversations, serene moments and the close-gathering, which is centered on food, bringing everyone back together as a second home. And when we say good Filipino food, here are some of the dishes served.

kuya_j_cebu-8Grilled Scallops


Dynamite Lumpia


Lumpia Presko




Daing Fried Rice


Crispy Catfish






Mango Pandan

And of course, when the signature dish came-out, a dozen of servers, together with Echo, are carrying the mouth-watering “Crispy Pata”, lined-up to serve all the guests.


Jericho has represented the image of a “kuya” where he entertain his guests, prepare and serve the dishes to the dining table. “Kuya J’s” representation is the eldest in the family that embraces the responsibility of his younger siblings and next-in-authority to his parents. He personally cut the “Crispy Pata” for the guests and let them experience the dish where “Kuya J” is known for its crispness.



During the Q&A portion of the program, Echo was asked with questions regarding on his opinion of “Kuya J” and why he chose to endorse its brand. With his response, “Kuya J” as a brand is tailored-fit to his lifestyle. With their passion for movies and music, they see a common motivation of bringing inspiration to families. As Echo happily explained, he mentioned that most of his roles have been a role-model and inspirational and family-oriented, just like what a “kuya” should embody. And when he was asked about his favorite among the “Kuya J’s” menu, his personal favorite as a comfort food is “Adobo” and “Kape” as a combo during breakfast. And when questions are getting personal, he was asked about his wife, Kim, about pregnancy, he expressed their goal as a couple, is to first enjoy each other and do alot of things before having a baby like traveling and supporting each others careers.


And as the program closes, everyone applauded the generosity of “Kuya J” and the genuine personality of Echo in answering and treating all the guests. It was indeed a memorable experience for everyone that imparted the whole day of good food and celebration of traditional Filipino culture.



Watch the grand launch highlights here:

Plus don’t forget, watch Kuya J’s latest TV Commercial featuring its new endorser, Jericho Rosales.


Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

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