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Why Regine Velasquez-Alcacid is missing from GMA Network’s CSID?

After GMA Network has released their Christmas Station ID (CSID), some fans of Asia’s Songbird, Regine Velasquez-Alcacid, were surprised. She was not the one who sang the CSID, and she didn’t even appear on the music video. Some concerned fans took to social media to air their sentiments.


For the past few weeks, there have been talks that someone from GMA Network will transfer to its rival network, ABS-CBN. There were rumors that it could be Regine Velasquez as she was missing from GMA Network’s Christmas Station ID. We could not blame those fans who got worried that the rumor could be true.

Because of all these rumors, Asia’s Songbird has finally spoken and cleared some issues about her being MIA in the said CSID. During the presscon for Regine At The Theater, Regine shared all the reasons that fans would surely find interesting and reassuring.

Actually, the main reason why she was missing from the CSID was due to her busy schedule. She admitted that with so many projects at hand, she could not find time to shoot the Christmas Station ID. Add also the fact that she is part of the Starstruck show. She is so busy, that’s mainly the reason, why she is missing on GMA Network CSID.

She further explained that aside from her work, she values her family life. If she has committed to some family events already, she wouldn’t cancel anymore because according to her, family shouldn’t come after work.

Regine Velasquez said that the GMA Network stars were required to be at one location all at the same time. That is one tough thing to accomplish for celebrities who are working in other projects. She said if you noticed, there are not that many stars who appeared on the CSID music video. That could just be because of the conflicts in schedule.

She wants her fans not to worry too much about her not appearing on the CSID. According to her, it wasn’t GMA Network’s fault. It was all because of her schedule. GMA Network actually wanted her to be part of the CSID, but she said, she just couldn’t find an available slot in her schedule for the shooting of the CSID. For Regine, it is not an issue. She doesn’t want her fans to make an issue out of it, too.


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