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Steve Harvey to interview Ariadna Gutierrez on his talk show

Twenty-one-year-old Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez will be interviewed by Steve Harvey on his talk show on January 18, 2016, according to Entertainment Tonight.

MsColombia & Steve Harvey
This will also be the first public conversation between Gutierrez and Harvey.  It was in December 2015 when the 58-year-old comedian mistakenly proclaimed Miss Colombia as Miss Universe 2015. After a few minutes, he went back on stage and correctly named Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach as the winner.

Harvey knew how horrible Miss Colombia felt and said she is the only he hasn’t talked to after that unfortunate incident. He tried reaching out to her earlier, but got no response.

Earlier, Harvey said that he had the chance to talk and apologize to Miss Philippines, the pageant organizers, the people backstage, and had a long heart-to-heart talk with the director of the event.

Gutierrez may have a lot to say to Harvey. During her interview in December 2016 on Colombia’s W radio show, she admitted that what happened was tough and very humiliating for her, her country, and the other people and Latinos in the pageant.

After Harvey’s flub, she now finds the situation humorous. On Twitter, Gutierrez asked fans if she should push through with the interview with Harvey.

MsColombia-pollon twitter-2
The response has been positive. A total of 72% voted “Yes.”

Is it time for Miss Colombia to air her grievances? I think both of them will have a heart-to-heart talk and a good laugh in the end.

This will usher in a brand new start for their respective careers.

What Pia said after the pageant is right: there a lot of opportunities for young beauty queens out there. Could this be the start of her new career as well?


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