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Teresa Andrada-Isla leaves GMA News

Someone from GMA News has confirmed that Teresa Andrada-Isla has already left the network.

We previously reported that two GMA Network news journalists, Sherrie Ann Torres and Anthony Segovia left the Kapuso Network for unspecified reasons. Who knew that another household name in local television news reporting would follow suit.

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Andrada worked as a correspondent for various news and public affairs shows at the Kapuso Network, including ‘Brigada’, ‘State of the Nation with Jessica Soho’, 24 Oras, Saksi, etc.

Theresa Andrada reporting on the controversial and discriminatory tweet of Miriam Quiambao against the LGBT community last April 2012.

Her departure as a journalist from the Kapuso Network is seemingly reinforced and confirmed by the absence of her social media presence. While Julius Segovia and Sherrie Ann Torres have romanticized their departure from the network they’ve dedicated a good part of their professional careers with by publishing a few social media posts, Andrada chose the silent route and went ‘dark.’ Dark in a sense that she has set most of her social media accounts to private. Our sources added that she did this because she is already a ‘private citizen.’

Theresa Andrada Set Her Social Media Account Facebook to Private After Leaving GMA News

Theresa Andrada GMA News Reporter Deactivate or Set Her Facebook Account to Private After Quitting GMA News

Theresa Andrada Sets Her Social Media Account Twitter To Private After Leaving GMA News

There is a certain level of online and social media presence that journalists have to maintain whether it is by their own free will or a mandate from their employers. Andrada’s deactivation or setting of her social media accounts to private has a lot of meaning. Is this merely a privacy issue? Does this indicate that Andrada did not leave GMA Network in good terms?

Her Twitter post also seems to indicate that she might have left the broadcast journalism industry itself as it only indicates that she is a ‘Wife, Mother, Communicator’, but who knows? Communicator might still indicate that she is still open to future broadcast journalistic endeavors. We might very well see her on another news network. Whatever path she takes, we wish her all the best in the world in her chosen path in life whether it is a public figure or a private citizen.


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