Unaffected Maine Mendoza gives funny reactions to bashers

Maine Mendoza’s craziness is definitely perceptible to her unexpected and portentous replies to bashers’ tweets yesterday through Snapchat. Her funky attitude in dealing with haters is one of a kind.

She didn’t ignore those jibes. In fact, she read it loud and gave laughable insights. According to an article of, she didn’t react negatively to the hate messages.


Someone poked fun of her big mouth; someone said Maine should not exist at all; one basher called her ugly, and the other said she should be Alden’s maid. Yet of all these were answered with her and ludicrous affirmations.

From an article of
From an article of

The bashers continued to proclaim publicly about the flaws of Maine’s physical appearance, but surprisingly she responded and demanded more. She said she was getting bored of the never-ending bash to her face and wanted something new.

From an article of
From an article of

One of her side-splitting jokes is when the basher questioned her beauty and said she doesn’t have it so it is nonsense to have a beauty rest. Maine’s effrontery became more astonishing when she obeyed the basher’s comment not to sleep, and acted like she had been wakeful all night.

Look:  how Maine Mendoza bravely reacted to her haters.

The fact is, no one can please all the people in the world. The best thing to do is to be true to yourself. It is not Maine’s fault why she looks that way and all the people in the world have their own flaws too. However, a flaw can be an asset depending on the eye of the beholder.

Maine made it an asset. Despite of her haters’ mockeries, she seemed unaffected and just played along.


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