Luis Manzano answers bashers: “I’m sure inggit ka na yung aso niyo kumpleto sa bakuna, ikaw wala…”

Luis Manzano is famous for his sense of humor.

Even on social media, Luis shows his funny side, something which majority of his fans appreciate. But like most celebrities who are active on social media, Luis gets his share of bashing every now and then.

Most of the time, he ignores the negative comments, but some are just too much for him to disregard.


On March 23, Luis was in full battle gear, answering his bashers to the point of capitulation. Luis hit his bashers where it will hurt them the most, referring back to the bashers’ family, upbringing, childhood, sexuality, and more.

His sarcasm and wit were displayed in a series of tweets that showed the bashers that he won’t take things sitting down.

Replying to a Twitter follower who implied that Luis is not a good host compared to others, Luis replied,

“It’s funny how my success hurts you; siguro you were never enough for your parents kaya kargo mo bitterness ;)” (…maybe you were never enough for your parents that’s why you carry bitterness).

He followed that up with,

“Ssshhhh it’s ok… I’m sure inggit ka na yung aso niyo kumpleto sa bakuna, ikaw wala…Talk to them…para di nega.”(I’m sure you’re envious that your dog had complete vaccination, while you didn’t have any. Talk to them, so you won’t be negative)

Luis also singled out a Twitter follower with the handle @Carly_Superstar who tweeted,

“Bakla!!!! Wag mo ng babalikan si angel!…” (Gay! Don’t go back to Angel).

He answered said basher with,

“Nandyan ka pa rin sa bakla issue? 3/23/16 na bobo ka pa rin.” (You’re still in that gay issue? It’s 3/23/16 and you’re still dumb.)

The game show host also shared the picture of his basher to the rest of his followers. The basher continued on with the gay issue. Again, Luis replied with a sarcastic tweet,

“Kung naging gay man ako, alam ko di kita papatulan, mukha kang sexual predator ng mga bata sa mga park.” (If I was gay, I know I wouldn’t hit on you. You look like a sexual predator of kids in the park.)

The basher didn’t stop and neither did Luis. The actor again dug into the family and the childhood of the basher:

“Alam ko naman walang kinalaman talaga kay Angel ang galit mo, what form of abuse was it para maging ganyan ka? Tell me.” (I know your anger has nothing to do with Angel. What form of abuse was it for you to become like that? Tell me.)

In the end, the basher apologized to Luis for all the negative comments. Luis was magnanimous enough to forgive him.

Some people have commented that Luis shouldn’t have stooped down to the level of the bashers because they were just simply getting his attention.

But who could blame Luis? He is human after all. And just like anybody, he would defend himself when he’s being put down.



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