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Enzo Pineda fails audition in upcoming Kim Chiu-Xian Lim film

  • “Star Struck 5” finalist Enzo Pineda transferred to ABS-CBN last year.
  • His first project in ABS-CBN was the second-rate series “‘Till I Met You” where he played the role of Stephen.
  • His first movie in ABS-CBN was the lackluster film “Extra Service.”
  • Enzo wanted to prove his worth for the upcoming KimXi film but failed to get the coveted role.

Two months after he transferred to ABS-CBN, Enzo Pineda immediately got his desired projects like playing supporting role of Stephen in JaDine series “‘Till I Met You” and playing Larry in the box office bomb “Extra Service.”

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However, in bot ABS-CBN and Kapamiya fans’ standards, the ratings and ticket sales for both series and films he starred are considered “low” and “flop.”

As the country’s biggest TV network, ABS-CBN makes sure that its series and films will be well-received by the public. Pineda’s “success” in GMA Network might be considered a joke for Star Magic artists.

For example, the “success” of the film “My Kontrabida Girl” (Pineda’s debut film) which grossed 13 million in the box office was considered “flop” by Kapamilya fans. In ABS-CBN’s standards, fans cannot rejoice unless the film grosses more than 50 million in the box office.

my kontrabida girl

Equally, in the case of “Extra Service,” it was reported that it grossed more than 8 million in its first week. In estimation, the film could have grossed more than 15 or 13 million in the box office—a disappointing performance for Kapamilya network, yet considered gold or excellent performance for GMA.

extra service

If Enzo was considered a prime actor in Kapuso network, then he needs to remember that ABS-CBN’s standards are as high as the Millennium Transmitter or the famous ABS-CBN Tower. If he really wants to play important roles, he must prove that he’s one of the best actors in the industry. However, there is a catch—there are many acclaimed actors in Kapamilya network.

Star Magic 25-159
These stars could eat Pineda alive in anytime they want.

In an interview with JC Santos’ manager Andoy Ranay, he said that JC will be playing the role of a third wheel in the upcoming KimXi film. Pineda took the ‘look test’ and even managed to shoot few scenes from the film. Unfortunately, he was still replaced by Santos.


But that is life and he should accept that. Pineda might need to reflect and explore as an actor now that he’s in the Kapamilya network. He has lot of things to improve and we’re sure that he will soon be one of show business’ top actors. Just like Coco Martin, he started from the bottom before he enjoyed his hurrah as a top actor.

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