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BLIND ITEM: Two actresses clash at the set of their drama series

  • Two actresses clashed while they were taping one of their scenes in their drama series.
  • “Actress A” who plays the protagonist has been controlling her temper towards her co-actress who has an “attitude.”
  • “Actress B,” the antagonist, had no idea that she would soon taste the grudge of Actress A.

An unconfirmed report circulates that Actress A and Actress B had a real fight during their taping for their drama series.

slap2 slap1

According to chika of some chismosas, Actress B would always slap Actress A really hard each time they shot their scene. Apparently, Actress A noticed that Actress B’s slap to her was beyond acting.


Actress A endured all the slaps she received from Actress B for the sake of their show’s rating. However, Actress A almost lost her mind when Actress B requested an “immunity” to be slapped by her co-stars.

Moreover, there came a scene where Actress A’s character needed to slap Actress B. But since Actress B was exempted from “sampalan moment,” Actress A thought of alternative and better idea.Instead of slapping, she pulled Actress B’s hair out… really, really hard. Actress A bonggaciously pulled Actress B’s hair out to the point that she lost lots of hair.

Because of this, the director had to cut the scene while Actress B was crying. Surprisingly, Actress A continued to pull Actress B’s hair out like she didn’t hear anything.


Actress A were so enraged that she beat up Actress B until she got a chance to slap her co-actress thoroughly—a slap that she waited for so long.


To make the clash more exciting, Actress A furiously said to Actress B, “Matagal na akong napuno sa kaartehan mo! Akala mo, okay lang sa’kin ‘yang ginagawa mo? Sige, lumaban ka!”

Clap, clap, clap.

It took a long time before the staffs stopped their fight.

The next day, Actress B was traumatized so she went to their set with her handler.


According to Actress A, she couldn’t take Actress B’s attitude. Actress A also noticed that Actress B would always make a face to her whenever they face each other. But as far as the chismosas are concerned, making faces was really the mannerism of Actress B and it was misinterpreted by Actress A.


She might be playing the role of the aggravated one, but in real life, no one can ever mistreat her.


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