Daniel Padilla named Hottest Male Summer Bod of 2017

And he keeps on winning.

After winning LionhearTV’s 2016 Male Artist of the Year and Most Effortless Kilig Loveteam of 2017 with Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla is now named as the LionhearTV’s Hottest Male Summer Bod of 2017.

In a poll that runs exactly a month, Padilla bested the other 49 finalist to get the title of LionhearTV’s Hottest Male Summer Bod of 2017.

The teen king got a total combined votes of 1,966,078; 1,653,268 came from Facebook, 22,139 from Twitter, and 290,671 from Instagram.

While DJ cannot be considered as the typical hot bod celebrity, KathNiels pushed the envelop again to make things happen. And eventually they were victorious to put their idol on top of the game.

Meanwhile, following Daniela Padilla is James Reid. Reid got a total combined votes of 1,939,477 to get the second place in LionhearTVs Hottest Male Summer Bod of 2017 poll. Just like the KathNiels, JaDines were also up in arms to make their idol win, they just fell short of a little bit to earn the title. But they were victorious in Instagram as James topped the Instagram voting getting 618,587 total votes, the highest among the 50 finalists. Total tally of votes for James Reid is as follows; Facebook, 1,305,986 , Twiiter, 14,904, and Instagram, 618,587.

And completing the top 3 Hottest Male Summer Bod of 2017 is Enrique Gil. Gil takes the 3rd spot with 33,857 total combined votes; 24,509 from Facebook, 1,308 from Twitter, and 8,040 from Instagram.

Congrats Daniel and of course congrats again KathNiels.

Here’ the complete list of LionhearTV’s Top 15 Hottest Male Summer Bod of 2017.

Rank Name Total Votes
1 Daniel Padilla    1,966,078
2 James Reid    1,939,477
3 Enrique Gil          33,857
4 Tanner Mata          33,253
5 Ronnie Alonte          11,464
6 Tyler Mata          10,714
7 Xian Lim          10,518
8 Ken Chan            8,322
9 Coco Martin            7,539
10 Tommy Esguerra            4,716
11 Alden Richards            4,332
12 Joseph Marco            3,145
13 Jericho Rosales            3,054
14 Inigo Pascual            2,964
15 Elmo Magalona            2,916

For the complete tally of votes please watch this video.



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