Kim Chiu shares insensitive remarks about Nepal

  • Kim Chiu is currently in Nepal shooting Star Cinema’s “The Ghost Bride.”
  • Since it’s her first time to visit the country, Kim shared her experience on her Instagram account. But her comments were too racist and quite insensitive.
  • In fact, her post was deleted a few hours after she posted them. Perhaps, someone had advised her to do so, which was a good thing.
  • Kim’s comments caused an uproar online among netizens when people started commenting how “epal” the Chinita Princess was with her remarks.

Kim Chiu, who’s currently visiting Nepal wrote on her IG account yesterday: “When I first entered the city, it feels so different than what I was expecting. I feel like I’m on the set of Argo movie or the Tyrant series, the people, the scenery, everything!!! Like super!!! It feels like parang may maglalabas ng arm-alight tapos may magbabarilan or may maglalabas ng kutsilyo tas may kikidnapin, lalo na pag nakatingin sila sayo tas magsasalita ng Nepali. Grabe, I feel like I’m in the movies everywhere I go. It just means that what I saw in the movies is super the same feeling pag andito kana sa ganitong city…I’m a bit scared but they’re nice. It’s just their culture is very different from ours. 3g is not working here so we have to rely on wifi. Amazing!!! Just really amazing!!! Looking forward to experience more of this city!!! @kathmandu #NEPAL work + pleasure = learning experience #justhavetosharethis #minsanlangto”

So what do you think was wrong with the post Chinita Princess wrote on her Instagram account that she had to delete it? It was such an insensitive post right?

What Kim had written on her IG wasn’t only an insensitive remark but she also sounded too racist. It was a good thing that the actress had deleted her post. Maybe someone had advised her to do so.

Racism is something that shouldn’t be tolerated especially on social media. Kim’s comments caused an uproar online when people started commenting how “epal” the Chinita Princess was with her remarks. She also received a lot of flak for her wrong grammar from netizens.

Personal social media accounts have become complicated issue for people in all fields but celebrities seem to be particularly affected if they post content that reflects poorly on their character.

If there’s an upside to this story, it also shows how quick the response from netizens to put a stop to the racist comment. We really should think before we click. It was such a lesson for Kim Chiu to become more responsible as a netizen.



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