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Second wife shares her side of the story; Step brother refutes Pia Wurtzbach’s claims in “MMK’s” ‘Korona’ episode

  • Maalaala Mo Kaya” successfully aired the story of 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach, starring Liza Soberano.
  • However, after 2 days, a woman named Robie Asingua, who claimed to be the second wife of Pia’s father, refuted Pia’s side of the story.
  • Robie’s son, Alexander Wurtzbach, who is also believed to be the step brother of Pia, also expressed his disappointment over the beauty queen and appealed to Pia to change her surname.
Liza Soberano as Pia Wurtzbach in the Korona episode of “Maalaala Mo Kaya.”

People were moved as soon as they watched the episode of “Maalaala Mo Kaya”, dated 2 June 2017, featuring actress Liza Soberano as 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach.

Zsa Zsa Padilla as Pia Wurtzbach’s mother in the Korona episode of “Maalaala Mo Kaya.”

According to the story, Pia was very close to her father when she was a little girl. In fact, the father-and-daughter considered each other “allies.” However, their tandem did not last long as Pia witnessed how her father cheated with her mom several times.

The young Pia Wurtzbach with her father, Klaus Uwe | Photo from @piawurtzbach’s Instagram account

Hereafter, Pia’s father, Klaus Uwe, chose to part ways with her daughter to continue his affair with his mistress. Eventually, Klaus remembered the beauty queen years after when she joined Binibining Pilipinas for the first time in 2013 and talked to her through a phone call.

The young Pia Wurtzbach with her father, Klaus Uwe | Photo from @piawurtzbach’s Instagram account

But the alleged mistress suddenly cut the conversation between Pia and her father. The unnamed mistress then told Pia that Klaus had a heart disease and need some medication; thus, she asked the beauty queen to send them money.

Unfortunately, Pia refused to offer help as she was financially unstable at that time. In December 2013, Pia’s father passed away.

The ‘second wife’ speaks up

On June 4, Robie Asingua, who claimed to be the second wife of Kalus, took to Facebook to air her side of the story. She wrote: “What a hell are you doing Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, making a false story oh yeah you are a big liar your papa never ask money from you, shame to yourself…”

Photo from Robie Asingua’s Facebook account

Robie claimed that Pia’s mother had an affair with their neighbor named Jojo — leading to Klaus to leave them. She also revealed on the comment section that Pia’s mother and Klause got divorced.

She also explained, “Your mama got an affair with neighbor name Jojo, that’s why papa abandoned your mother and you pretty wow know that all…”

Screengrabbed from Robie Asingua’s Facebook account

Robie also pointed out that Pia’s father had never asked for the beauty queen’s help before he passed away.

She commented, “Bweset na batang yan, pwera ba na miss universe sya kung anu2x na ang kinwento…Napanood ko MMK Pia Wurtzbach life story…his father was my pass away husband… His father never ask help from her at all…”

Screengrabbed from Robie Asingua’s Facebook account

She then added, “Kaya nga, big liar gusto pa magpasikat sikat naman sana…yung namatay nga c daddy ni singkong duling di tumulong yan…Shame to herself, sana multohin ni Uwe walanghiya sya…cnungaling, sana madapa sya ng subra at mawala lahat sa kanya…”

Screengrabbed from Robbie Asingua’s Facebook account

Robie further continued, “Yes…father ni Pia is the father of my son Alexander… Oo diha sa Palawan namatay, shame to herself kahit singkong duling di yan tumulong yan ang mabait na anak ni Uwe Miss Universe na walang puso…”

Screengrabbed from Robbie Asingua’s Facebook account

Pia’s alleged ‘step brother’ airs his side

On the other hand, Alexander, the alleged step brother of Pia also aired his side on Facebook hours after his mom refuted “MMK’s” recent episode.

He wrote, “Sa lahat lahat ayaw ko yung sisiraan mo ang patay na.wala ng kinalaman yun eh. Karmahin sana kayo parang walang pinagaralan. Wag mung dadalahin ang apelyedo na yan kung alam mo ganyan ugali ng tatay mo.

“Kala ko ba babaero sya at wala sya kwenta bakit mahal mo parin sya. your a freeking liar dont use my father’s surname if you don’t like him you’r a millionaire now so change it! Don’t say your money will help are a liar!!!”

Screengrabbed from Alexander Wurtzbach’s Facebook account

Meanwhile, LionhearTV invited to two people involved in the article. However, while Robie has not responded to our message yet, Alexander is hesitant to share his side.


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