Edward Barber talks about defending MayMay Entrata

  • Edward Barber read a hate message directed towards Maymay Entrata in an episode of ‘Bag Raid’ with Darla Sauler. 
  • Upon seeing the comment, the former PBB housemate was quick to defend his love team. 
  • When asked why he chose to defend Maymay, Edward simply said there was no reason for him not to. 

Former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemates Edward Barber and Maymay Entrata are working on their first movie. While their loveteam continues to gain more popularity, there are also naysayers who are trying to bring them down.

When asked by the media why Edward  defended Maymay from her bashers, Edward simply said:  “Why would I not defend her?”

Edward revealed that Maymay would sometimes read the negative comments over and over. He believes that Maymay does not deserve the hate. He also added that if not for Maymay, he would have quit a  long time ago.

Edward also addressed the issue that he is being ‘forced’ to be with Maymay.

He explained that his parents taught him to never do anything he does not want to do. He pointed out that if he does not want to be with Maymay, he would not be here in the first place.

On the other hand, both Maymay and Edward admit that they feel pressured.


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