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Keanna Reeves slams netizens who post revealing photos on Social Media

  • Sexy star and comedienne Keanna Reeves took her thoughts to Facebook recently. 
  •  Keanna said she finds it funny that people are willing to post images showing some skin for the sake of likes. 

Welcome to the age of social media where everyone is entitled to post however they wish. However, sexy star Keanna Reeves does not seem thrilled about this.

In a recent Facebook update, the sexy star threw shade at people who are fond of posting revealing photos online.

“Dati, sexy star lang ang naghuhubad kasi kailangan lang sa trabaho (BAYAD). Ngayon, halos lahat gusto lang maghubad para lang sa likes?? (LIBRE),” posted Keanna. She also tagged the status as ‘feeling funny’.

Unlike before where only celebrities get to have pak na pak pictures, we now have Instagram where people can share selfies or photos of themselves. Anyone who create an account on Instagram, Facebook or even Twitter can grow a follower base.

The reason for Keanna’s post is still unknown.

Could the sexy star felt threatened with the rise of number of so-called ‘social media stars’? Hide your photos dali, or Mamang Keana will scold you if you’re not “bayad” for posting it.

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