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Introducing the new Smart All-out Surf 30 that lets you multitask

  • Smart Prepaid’s newest All-out Surf 30 lets you do more for an affordable price
  • Subscribers can now connect with anyone they like through social media or via call and text

Tired of having limited time to talk to your friends and families? Worry no more because Smart Prepaid introduced their newest offering that is irresistible for their subscribers. The new All-out Surf 30 allows users to connect with people through different platforms such as social media and SMS/Calls for two days for a reasonable price!

Now you can keep track with the latest chika in the online community and at the same time let your friends know immediately about your reactions. With 300 MB of open access data, Unli Facebook, Unli text to all networks, and 30 minutes of calls, you’re always on the loop and updated.

Knowing that most people and your relatives often browse their timelines on Facebook, registering with Smart’s All-out Surf will give you the power to know what’s happening in their lives without having to worry. You can spend your free time checking on your loved ones’ whereabouts and activities.

Using the amount allocated for calls and text messages, users are also given the chance to chitchat with friends if they want to catch up or plan dates with them.

And lastly, with the powerful 300 MB data, one can even stream videos on iFlix during breaktime! Surely there are more you can do with that promo, right?

Register and tell us about your All-out experiences!


Written by LionhearTV Team

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