Maine Mendoza shies away from the limelight; goes on a month-long vacation

  • Maine Mendoza goes on a long vacation with her family.
  • She will not appear in any “Eat Bulaga!” episodes in December.
  • The other half of AlDub will not appear in the Christmas special of Eat Bulaga in GMA Network.

Rumors suggest that Maine Mendoza left for the US on the first day of December. Apparently, she will not appear in any episodes of “Eat Bulaga!” this month. After continuous years of working hard, this was the only long vacation she had.

Although, the hurt she felt and hate she received after sharing the open letter to her fans may be a possibility for Maine’s sudden and long break.

However, there shouldn’t be any reason for AlDub fans to worry. Maine will be back as soon as 2018 starts. Sources denied the rumors claiming that Maine will forever run away from the limelight. Since she will have a vacation for a month, she will not appear in any episodes of “Eat Bulaga!”

Maine left the country with her mother last December 1, Friday. The following week, the rest of their family will accompany them during their vacation in the US. Moreover, Maine will not appear in Eat Bulaga’s Christmas special in GMA Network with her love team, Alden Richards.

Maine recently posted an open letter to her fans on her blog then shared it on Twitter. The letter had a caption, “I got myself, I will catch myself, and I will pick myself up” last November 26. The open letter consists of gratefully thanking her supportive and protective fans. But also, calling them out on hurting people involved in her life.

She was happy that she didn’t need to pretend just for people to support her. Maine loves making people happy until it stopped making her happy. She also admitted the status of her relationship with Alden.

The important thing is Maine will be back eventually.



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