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Angeline Quinto can no longer take another prank call from Yeng and Jona

  • Angeline reacts to the recent prank calls she received
  • The singer’s patience is at the end of the line
  • Featuring Jona and Yeng’s prank calls to Angeline in MOR episodes

Angeline Quinto is used to getting scolded by her co-singer and friends in ASAP because of her nice attitude. Apparently, just like all things, fun has its limitation.

Just recently, the singer posted on Twitter that she did not like the latest prank call made by her friends saying, “Yung da­lawang beses ka ng na prank call. Una si Jona, pangalawa si Yenggay..”

No sign of frustrations can be noticed in Angeline’s first tweet, however, her follow-up tweet made it clear that she is not exactly having fun.


Although smileys and heart emoticons are visible in her post and admitted that she is used to getting prank calls from her friends, it is obvious that Angeline Quinto is somehow frustrated this time.

Jona: I need money

Last October 2017, MOR 101.9 made a video on the station showing Jona call Angeline asking for money to pay for a very expensive pair of shoes in London. When Angeline was having second thoughts if she will let the co-singer borrow a ridiculous amount of money, Jona handed the phone to the acting seller so that she will be the one to convince Angeline.

To seal the deal, the seller instead told Angeline that she will give the shoes to Jona for free if Angeline will sing her a beautiful song.

Yeng: I was caught cheating

Just this March 2018, Yeng made a prank call to Angeline while in MOR 101.9 telling Angeline that she is undergoing an emotional distress telling her that she cheated on her husband while in Palawan and was caught. Yeng cried on the phone and asked if she can stay at Angeline’s house for the meantime. But, Angeline wanted more than to comfort Yeng but instead gave her a sound advice to fix this and talk to her husband.

At the last part of Yeng’s prank, Angeline jokingly said that her patience is almost done with all the prank calls.


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