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Netizens condemn headline regarding Liz Uy being tagged as ‘homewrecker’

  • Liz Uy allegedly gave birth to a baby boy with Raymond Racaza, a married man.
  • A headline on Twitter tagged Liz as a homewrecker.
  • Netizens reacted and demanded that Raymond should be called as a homewrecker, too. 

Entertainment Uptake recently posted a tweet on March 16, Friday. The headline on said tweet angered many people, especially women, on its patriarchal approach.

The tweet made it seem like Liz Uy remains the only one at fault on being in a relationship with a married man. Netizens also pointed out that Raymond Racaza should also be tagged as a homewrecker.

The said headline on Entertainment Uptake’s tweet also read:

“JUST IN: Liz Uy gave birth to a baby boy in LA. She reportedly had a fling with an attached married man, Raymond Racaza. She is now being tagged as ‘homewrecker.'”

Netizens replied to the said tweet. One netizen  demanded that they change their headline. He continued that the headline added to women being oppressed.

“Mga mare, both of them should be tagged as ‘homewrecker’. Ayusin niyo headline niyo”

“This being the headline only implies that women are still being oppressed in this century. What a shame!!!”

Another netizen replied to the reaction and encouraged people to report the tweet due to its inappropriate content.

“Let’s report this tweet as it’s inappropriate as it is.”

Another netizen noted that people are not defending Liz on being attached with Raymond, a married man. Liz shouldn’t be the only one to be blamed on the issue.

“The whole point here is not because some are defending her.This is about how the headline indicated Liz Uy as the homewrecker which made it freaking looked like she’s the only one to be blamed.Talks about sexism or if there’s actually an existing word like that.i don’t hate u tho”

A netizen also agreed and pointed out that it takes two to tango. They, then, corrected that if Liz remains tagged as a homewrecker, Raymond should as well.

“Basta ganto mare. Hindi sa dinedefend si Liz Uy, pero it takes TWO to make a baby. And therefooore, si guy ay dapat isama kay Liz sa “homewrecker” title. Ito ang problema talaga sa isang patriarchal society. Lahat ng blame ay nasa babae, when in fact may sala din junior ni Racaza”

The earlier netizen also left a comment that he doesn’t like it when women are the only one who gets the blame.

“I just don’t like the idea na pag ang babae ang may kasalanan sila na agad yung iblablame. Bakit di ba ginusto ni boy na makipaglandian kay kumare liz? (If this news is accurate)”

Another netizen demanded to take the headline down. They also added that Raymond does not remain to be immune to criticism.

“Take that headline down. You’re being an apparent national source of shame. The description is way too one-sided. Raymond Racaza is IN NO WAY immune to criticism on this one.



Goodness me, nakakahiya kayo.”

Another netizen, then, added that Raymond wrecked his own home.

“Uh, pretty sure Raymond Racaza wrecked his own home”

Another netizen also that women always gets the blame. They demanded that Liz didn’t make the kid on her own, therefore, she wouldn’t be the only homewrecker in the incident.

“The comments here. 😒 Why put all the blame on the woman? Mag isa ba nya ginawa ang bata? Is she the ONLY home-wrecker? What do u call the guy who can’t keep his dick from ending up inside another woman that’s not his wife? Should we call him wrecking (no)balls?”

The earlier netizen also sustained that the headline remains sexist and gender-biased. They continued that both Liz and Raymond remain at fault.

“The headline is too sexist and gender biased. Both of them comitted a sin. Duhhhh!”


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