CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Nadine Lustre taps female fan’s arm taking photo with James Reid

  • Nadine Lustre recently pushed away the arm of a female fan taking a selfie with James Reid.
  • The couple went clubbing when fans started to surround them.
  • Fans started to take selfies while Nadine stands on her own.

A netizen, Karen Gonzaga, recently uploaded an Instagram Story which garnered attention from many. James Reid went clubbing with onscreen partner and girlfriend, Nadine Lustre.

In the said Instagram Story, Nadine pushed the arm of a female fan taking a selfie with James.

Nadine and James went to a club to enjoy together. However, female fans whisked James away. Nadine then jumped in and pushed the female fan’s hand out of the way.

Watch the gif below and tell us what you think of the comments section below:

Netizens also reacted to the said Instagram Story uploaded on Facebook.

One netizen who was allegedly at the same place as the couple shared that James and Nadine didn’t get to enjoy their time together.

Take a look at this angle:

Another angle here:

I was there po and that night di na talaga sila makapag enjoy kasi super daming gusto mag pa pictire. Nag tago na nga Lang sila sa sulok pero talagang maraming makulit. Madami silang pinag bigyan mag pa picture. Yung Iba naman kasi pa ulit ulit tapos talagang makulit na Kay James.”

The said netizen observed that some bashers already created their own story. She also added that she couldn’t hide the real story of the said night.

“I’m not a big fan pero nakaka inis pala pag alam mo yung nangyari tapos yung Iba super bash tapos may sarili ng nagawa na story haha nakakaloka. Pinapakiusapan sila in a nice way na tama na, not James and Nadine but Nung mga kasama pero ayaw makinig. Nag tago na nga si James sa dulo eh pero marami parin makulit. Pano naman sila mag e-enjoy. Umalis nalang sila ng maaga.”

Another netizen shared that she had gone to many JaDine events. The said netizen recounted that the couple never experienced having fun. James and Nadine couldn’t have their freedom to enjoy.

“Ilang beses na kong nakapuntang event na kasama ang jadine, pero never silang naganyan ng fans. Kasi nung umpisa palang aware na kame na gusto nila mag enjoy sa party, pano sila mkakapag enjoy kung panay naman ang papicture diba? Give them their freedom naman minsan. Di naman sa maldita si nads, as a girlfriend natural lang yung reaction niya. 😊 di naman sa napahiya yung girl, sabe nga nung isang nagcomment, pinagbigyan na nga sila kaso di naman na nagsitigil. Pumunta sila dyan para mag enjoy hindi para mkipag selfie. Minsan kase as a fans intindihin naten yung mga idols naten hindi yung puro ikaw lang. 😘”

Another netizen pointed out that Nadine’ reaction is normal for girlfriends. The said netizen perceived that Nadine may have felt that she didn’t exist.

“Nothing wrong. She’s too cool to handle the situation naman😊 Imagine kasama mo boyfriend mo para magenjoy kayo tas ang daming babaeng nilalayo sya sayo and u just standin there as if u dont exist. Haha no! She ain’t mean that way.”

Another netizen also noted that there will always be two sides to every story and the bashers shouldn’t judge her for that. They also added that celebrities have personal lives, too. Fans shouldn’t feel entitled to taking photos with their idols.

” There are always two sides to every story. Do not judge her kung wala naman sainyo ang nandun at nakakita mismo sa nangyari.

Celebrities have PERSONAL lives too. Hindi naman all the time, pwede magpapicture, pwede lumapit, pwede umepal. Lalo na kung time naman nila para sa sarili nila. TAO LANG DIN SILA JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE. Respeto naman. 🙄😒 Kung sumusobra naman na at nakuha na nila yung time nila. Tigil na. Wag naman abusado ‘no.”

Another netizen also noticed that it took three seconds for Nadine to push away the fan.

“As you can see sa video, it took 3seconds (if im not mistaken) bago hinawi ni ate Nadine yung hands ng girl. Hello, haha yung girlfriend nasa gilid mo lang girl. People should also learn how to limit theirselves. One picture is enough oyy! Kami nga na fans, we only get to have one pic with them if a chance is given tapos yung iba na feeling faney, mas madami pa pic? Tapos may pa side comment pa na, “ang attitude ng JaDine”, “pangit ugali ni Nadine at James” , “Laos na yung JaDine dahil ma attitude”. HELLO? Naririnig niyo ba sarili niyo? Mema kayo lagi eh. Kaasar hahaha.”



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