Introducing “Banahaw Spring Purified Water” – 100% Philippine Water Source coming from Mt. Banahaw

  • 100% Filipino bottled water is now available in the market
  • Banahaw Spring Purified Water is the only bottled water that declares its water source
  • The bottled water promotes eco-friendly features and easy-grip technology

The Philippine Bottling Beverage (PBB) is thrilled to introduce the 100% Filipino bottled water in the market – Banahaw Spring Purified Water.

The 100% Filipino bottled water is the only mineral water that declared its source. This is to make sure that Filipinos know that what they’re drinking is safe and fresh from the Philippine grounds. PBB brought one of the latest European technologies to ensure the production process meets the international standards and quality – including hygiene.

Thor Jourdan Mutuc, PBB Business Development Manager, assured that the water is safe and pure Filipino. “Our production facility located at the foot of Mt. Banahaw in San Pablo, Laguna, is at par with world standards, fully automated and requires minimal human intervention preserving only the essential natural qualities of the water from the mountain.”

The project took three years of research and testing before declaring that the water in Banahaw is drinkable. Now, Banahaw Spring Purified Water is released to the local market.

“We are sharing with you a purified water product harnessed from sustainable natural sources and bottled with care to ensure you get only safe and quality purified water we Filipinos can be proud of,” Mutuc added.

Mount Banahaw is known for its lush green rainforests and serves as the watershed for the provinces of Laguna and Quezon. It is a good source of clean water filtered naturally on the ground and purified by the company.

To take good care of their source, PBB also pampered the local community near Banahaw and advocates strict compliance with environmental standards in its operations. And to achieve the eco-friendly advocacy, Banahaw bottle is made with Eco Cap that has less plastic to reduce carbon emission, and BPA (Bisophenol A) Free to ensure that the water is safe and will not make any chemical reaction even when the bottle is exposed to the sun or any source of heat.

The bottle is ergonomically designed with grip technology for easy handle making it a perfect partner when wherever you go or whatever you do. It is now available in 350ml, 500ml, and one-liter bottles.

For more information, visit Banahaw Spring Purified Water Official Website.


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