Top One Project’s Newest Single Could Be Your Next Favorite Hugot Song

  • Top One Project, GMA Network’s homegrown boy band is releasing their newest single tomorrow, April 25.
  • Last week, Top One Project gave their fans a sneak peek of what’s to come by uploading a snippet of the song on Youtube.
  • The said 30-second preview continues to receive positive feedback from fans and fellow artists alike.

The past couple of months have been pretty great for Original Pinoy Music. Our local artists have been stepping up – serving us some loop worthy tracks.

Looks like this streak of good music won’t be ending soon as Top One Project, GMA Network’s homegrown boy band, is releasing their newest single, ‘Nasa Dulo’ tomorrow. Based on what we’ve heard so far, it might be their best one yet.

Top One Project was formed in 2015 as a culmination of GMA Network’s multi-platform boy band competition, ‘To The Top’.  The said reality talent search started out with 18 contestants whose determination, skills and talents were put to the test. In the end, 5 contestants emerged victorious, namely: Miko Manguba, Louie Pedroso, Mico Cruz, Adrian Pascual and Joshua Jacobe.

Their debut album entitled ‘T.O.P’ was released in 2016. Since then, the boy band has been performing mostly covers including  ‘Ikaw Nga’, the official soundtrack of Kapuso teleserye, ‘Mulawin’.

Almost exactly 2 years later, Top One Project confirmed the release of a second album. More so, the boys surprised their fans last week with a snippet of their newest single, ‘Nasa Dulo’.

The said track was built from scratch by T.O.P. from the lyrics to the instruments down to the tiniest of details.

The song’s lyrics were written by Louie Pedroso with the help of Mico Cruz, Joshua Jacobe and Adrian Pascual. The band’s leader, also known as the ‘Music Man’, Miko Manguba, produced the track himself. Despite it being a first for this rising music producer, the track has been receiving positive feedback from both their fans and fellow artists.

‘Nasa Dulo’ talks about the pain and beauty that comes with loving, letting go, waiting and hoping for the best.

‘Isang tawag mo,

Isang sigaw sa pangalan ko,

Iyong makikita, nasa dulo ako.

‘Nasa Dulo’ is just one of the songs in T.O.P.’s upcoming album.  Could this song be the next record-breaking OPM hit we’ve been waiting for? They’re off to a good start and everything seems sweeter the second time around for the boys.

We’re looking forward to hearing the rest. Make us proud, Top One Project!


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