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Here Are The 10 Celebrity Couples Who Went Through Third Party

Third parties remain a frequent reason why a couple would break up. However, no one really thought that it would be more frequent in the showbiz industry.

Here are celebrity couples who had problems in their relationship due to a third party.

Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez

In 1999, after 13 years of marriage, Pops filed for an annulment due to Martin’s infidelity. The annulment was granted the following year. However, they remained friends and performed together in a number of concerts.

Christopher Lina and Nikki Valdez

In an interview with Kris TV in 2011, Nikki shared that she didn’t want to talk about it for the sake of her daughter, Olive Isabel. She revealed that Christopher was involved in another woman during the course of their relationship.

Hayden Kho and Vicky Belo

In 2012, Vicky posted a tweet that she wanted to let Hayden go as he’s involved with actress Nancy Castiglione. Hayden also revealed that Vicki had a relationship with her yoga instructor. After a few controversies, they got back together and got married on September 2, 2017, in Paris, France.

Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil

In an exclusive interview with Cosmopolitan in 2013, Nikki revealed that she thought Billy had understood her choice of remaining a virgin until after getting married. Nikki also admitted that she regretted investing five years with Billy. However, she took comfort in the fact that they broke up before they even got married.

Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz 

Sunshine filed an annulment due to Cesar’s infidelity with Krista Miller and performing lewd acts in front of their daughters. She also accused Cesar of hurting her on three separate occasions – July 2009, January 2013, and June 2013. She also accused him of marital rape.

Don Allado and Maricar de Mesa

In an interview in 2014, Maricar revealed that Don’s other woman turned out to be an acquaintance. She shared that she worked hard on shooting for a teleserye in 2013 and would go home early in the morning. This became Don’s opportunity to cheat on her. Although she had evidence of the affair, she never confronted the other woman.

Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu

It was only in an interview with Vice Ganda in 2015 that Kim revealed that Gerald had cheated on her in 2010. In an interview with Irish Christianne Dizon of Philippine Star, Gerald admitted that he fell in love fast and really hard with another woman which caused him to break-up with Kim.

Jojo Oconer and Ciara Sotto

They had already separated when Ciara hinted at a third party through a tweet she published in 2016. She also attached a quote in the said tweet which said, “God is not going to bless you with someone else’s husband.” She also added a “friendly reminder” on the caption.

Timothy Tan and Sunshine Dizon

Sunshine posted an Instagram photo of her, Timothy and their children. In the caption, she wrote that she doesn’t know her relationship status with Timothy. Although in the eyes of the law and of God, they are still husband and wife. In 2016, she filed a case of Violence Against Women and Children and Concubinage against the other woman which she later lifted.

Chito Miranda and Neri Naig

When they were still a couple, Chito and Neri would break-up because of his infidelity. Many women had tried to take him away from her. According to Neri, an incident occurred where an unnamed woman had gone to his house and spritzed her perfume on his pillow. The said woman also displayed a huge photo of her in Chito’s room. Amid these incidents, Chito and Neri got married and they now have a child together.


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