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Jameson Blake bashed by ElNella fans for his movie with Janella Salvador “So Connected”

  • Jameson Blake received hate from ElNella fans
  • The young actor greeted Janella on her birthday where fans accused him of using Janella to earn popularity
  • Janella Salvador told her fans not to say hurtful words to Jameson

Jameson Blake admitted that he was bashed by Elnella fans in relation to their movie “So Connected” by Regal Entertainment.

The young actor said that it happened when he greeted Janella on Instagram caller her “Trisha” – Janella Salvador’s name in the movie – thinking that he was impliedly promoting their movie.

The Elnella fans said, “Why don’t you just let Janella enjoy her day with Elmo?”

The fans accused him of using Janella to be popular. James Blakeson is a “Hashtags” member and he said that it doesn’t have to lead into bashing just because of his simple birthday greeting. “I don’t know, it’s just too much and just over-reacting,” he added.

James also explained that it’s just a movie, but he understands why ElNella fans will react violently seeing them work together. But, before they should say anything, they should watch the movie first.

Janella Salvador, on the other hand, also defended her fans saying that it’s common that the ElNella fans are sad seeing her work with other actors rather than Elmo Magalona.

“Siyempre, they would get hurt because they’re rooting for two people to be together and naghiwalay. Pero at the same time, I understand them but ayun, sana lang, if they don’t like to support the movie, don’t say hurtful words na lang, ’di ba?” Janella advised her fans.

The young actress admitted that she loves the story of the “So Connected” movie with Jameson. She encountered no problems working with Jameson and the movie shooting went very smoothly.

“So Connected” will be available in Cinemas this upcoming May 23rd under the direction of Jason Paul Laxamana.


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