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Jenine Desiderio promotes “So Connected”; denies following Elmo Magalona on Instagram

  • Jenine Desiderio recently promoted So Connected which stars Janella Salvador and Jameson Blake.
  • Netizens thought that she may be throwing shade on Elmo Magalona.
  • Jenine also denied that she followed Elmo on Instagram.

Many netizens thought that Jenine Desiderio threw shade at Elmo Magalona. Janella Salvador recently starred in a movie with Jameson Blake, So Connected. Jenine posted a photo of the movie poster on Instagram.

However, this made netizens think that Jenine doesn’t like Elmo leading to her rift with Janella.

In Jenine’s Instagram post, she encouraged people to watch So Connected.

“”So Connected” now showing starring my daughter, Janella Salvador, and Jameson Blake. Friends, kindly watch & show your support! Thank you!”

One ElNella fan also expressed their gratitude on Jenine following Elmo on Instagram. They noted that she has a good and kind heart.

“msya kme elnella fans all over the world n ok n kyo ni jea.mothers love cannot deny.tnx also for following elmo in ig.everythings happen when you have good and kind heart.”

However, Jenine claimed that she never followed Elmo on Instagram.

“sorry to disappoint you. That was fake news. I never followed him in IG. Dunno how that happened.”

Another netizen remarked that it may be an April fools prank.

“April fools yun bes. Unfollow nya after .”

One netizen also pointed out that Jenine followed Elmo and un-followed her after two or three days.

“oo nga ms J followed mo siya. Teka, during their LA vacay oo nga then unfollowed mo siya after two or three days.”



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