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Robin Padilla expresses another sexist and misogynistic comment towards PGT Season 6 Grand Winner Kristel de Catalina

  • Robin Padilla approved more on Kristel de Catalina’s male assistant during her performance.
  • He also remarked how Kristel’s male assistant probably made her safer.
  • Netizens reacted to Robin’s sexist and misogynistic comment. 

Robin Padilla strikes again! In a recent episode of Pilipinas Got Talent, Robin had made another sexist comment. After spiral pole dancer and finalist, Kristel de Catalina’s performance, Robin shared his insight on the presentation. However, he remarked how Kristel had a male assistant which according to him, probably made her safer.

In Robin’s comment, he also noted how he never felt nervous on Kristel’s act. He added that he approved more on Kristel’s male assistant.

“Alam mo yung mga ginagawa mo delikado pero gusto kong malaman mo, kahit isang beses hindi ako ninerbyos. Dahil alam ko napakagaling mo, napakahusay mo. Kung papano ka kumakapit diyan sa kinakapitan mo, iisa kayo, hindi ka lumalayo sa kanila… At gusto ko lang malaman mo na gustung-gusto ko, na merong nag-assist sa ‘yong lalaki ngayon. Isang malaking bagay na ang assistant mo, may lalaki diyan sa baba. Hindi man katabi mo pero assistant mo. Maraming salamat sa ‘yo, ang galing mo.”

Netizen reacted to Robin’s sexist and misogynistic comment. One netizen was annoyed at how much they want to turn the television off when Robin expresses his opinion.

“Seriously, Robin Padilla’s comment on having a man in life (on Catalina’s performance) is really annoying me so much that I want to turn off the tv and write a letter to change him for the next PGT season. So unnecessary comment. #PGTGreatestShowdown”

A netizen replied and agreed. They also added that women never need men to validate their abilities.

“I agree. I think di nya sinasadya but he has this tendency to sound like downgrading women in his comments. Women these days do not need men to validate their abilities.”

One netizen called Robin a hopeless case. They also continued that Robin constant inserts his toxic masculinity every time he can.

“robin padilla is a sexist, misogynistic asshole, inserting his toxic masculinity once again every time an independent woman thrives. he’s a hopeless case. pgt performers deserve better judges tbh”

Another netizen asked for a petition to exclude Robin on Pilipinas Got Talent‘s next season.

“Petition to exclude Robin Padilla on PGT’s next season. No girl ever deserves to be objectified, and to think he’s doing it on national TV.”

A netizen noted that Robin sat next to women’s advocate and fellow judge Angel Locsin and he should be ashamed of what he said.

“Robin Padilla is the dumbest actor i have ever seen.

Its 2018 dude.. stop with your menimist acts. Women are not Objects. Mahiya ka katabi mo si Angel Locsin na may advocacy about Women’s Rigis coming from a Man.”

Another netizen also noted that Kristel as a single mom gave a wonderful performance. However, Robin only noticed the male assistance. The crowd actually booed him.

“Single mom act gives stellar performance, robin padilla: buti may assistant kang lalaki ngayon”

“Like the crowd was actually booing him, yes crowd, youre doing amazing sweetie”

One netizen hoped that Robin realizes how gender roles are nonsense.


Gender roles are nonsense. Female goodness is as good as male goodness.”

Another one couldn’t believe how a single parent doesn’t need a man. Robin even had the audacity to note how women will be powerless without men in their lives.

“It would have been a great night but Robin Padilla wrapped it up with KATANGAHAN again. Insisting that a single parent should find a Man because he thinks that women are powerless without men in their lives. Hey Robin, are you even real?”

One netizen suggested that Pilipinas Got Talent should fire Robin as he had always inserted his misogynistic and patriarchal issues. They also noted that no one really wants to hear Robin’s comments about women needing men.

“PGT do us a favor and fire the sht out of your misogynist and patriarchal piece of shit that everyone calls idol but is really just a fucking idiot. Robin Padilla, nobody wants to hear your stupid ass comments about how women needs men. You fucking tool.”

Another noted how people should take Robin away from Pilipinas Got Talent Season 6 Grand Winner Kristel.

“Pakilayo si Robin Padilla and his misogynistic views kay Kristel. Congrats to the great single mom that you are Kristel! 🙂 😊

Kristel de Catalina is the PGT Season 6 Grand Winner! Watch the video below:

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