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Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo’s “Starla” to replace Coco Martin’s “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano”?

  • FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano will soon celebrate its third anniversary in September.
  • Rumors also hinted that Coco will replace it with Batang Quiapo which starred Fernando Poe Jr. and Maricel Soriano.
  • Another speculation surfaced that a Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo-starrer Starla will replace the crime series on its time slot.
  • Biboy Arboleda reacts on this tell-tales.

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano is still the most-watched series in the Philippine television, and is going to celebrate its third anniversary in September. The crime-drama series started airing since September 2015.

In its almost three-year run on air, various topics were fielded in the series that made it relevant and relatable to present-day Philippine setting. Topics like cybercrime to human trafficking and even political scenes took center stage as Dalisay’s (Coco Martin’s character) targets.

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Bravo to the creative team who never ran out of creative juices to churn out interesting and unique stories (regularly) that still appeal to its captive audience till this day.

From an online article, another film titled Batang Quiapo that the late Fernando Poe Jr. did with Maricel Soriano in 1986 was also hinted to possibly replace the top-rating soap of Martin.

Then there was this rumour from the same opinion piece that the Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo-starrer teleserye Starla, which will mark the Teleerye Queen’s comeback and will take over FPJAP’s time slot.

But there’s no truth to any of these according to Biboy Arboleda, the manager of both Coco Martin and Santos-Agoncillo.

In all fairness, to the possibility of FPJAP’s near-end fate, which Arboleda have strongly denied, I personally think that Ms. Santos-Agoncillo has all the clout to draw a similar following in case the show is set to really replace Martin’s series. But again, it is quite far-fetched since Judy Ann has just finished two taping days.

As of this writing, there is actually another show that has more probability of replacing FPJAP, which I choose not to reveal for now.

Let us take what Biboy have said, “FPJAP doesn’t have a scheduled ENDING. ABS-CBN management has the sole right to Choose and Decide and Announce if ever FPJAP will end.”


Written by Angela Baltan

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