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The Honor 7A and Honor 7S: Smartphones that have all your needs in a phone

  • Honor 7A and 7S are finally in the Philippine market.
  • Honor 7A comes with advanced features that improve the user’s experience.
  • The two smartphones are on flash sale July 2018.

Coupled with unbeatable tech, the Honor 7A, and 7S are everything one would want in a smartphone – sleek, stylish, innovative, and very affordable.

Mc Richard Paglicawan | LionhearTV
Mc Richard Paglicawan | LionhearTV

With the Honor 7A and 7S, you can now say goodbye to small screens. The screen’s 18:9 aspect ratio is closer to the widescreen format of cinema screens, delivering a much more immersive movie experience. A bigger screen also means the ability to display more content with less scrolling required, enhancing your reading and browsing experience. For gamers, the phone’s design is even more exhilarating; with the screen ratio scaled up to 18:9, you naturally see more!

The Honor 7A got your selfies covered. The 8MP front camera has a built-in toning light that will make your selfies look better and its beauty mode automatically makes corrections on the face, ensuring you look nice in your photos! You can also adjust the brightness of the light to enhance the photo effect.

It supports a variety of shooting modes including wide aperture mode, which supports aperture adjustment from level 1 to 7, giving you different degrees of bokeh effects; beauty mode, which supports previewing of beautification effects, beautifies your skin with 10 levels of adjustments, capturing your best side each and every time; capture smiles, which automatically takes a photo when a smile is detected; ultra snapshot, which launches the camera and snaps a picture when you double-press the volume down button when the screen is off and locked; food mode, which increases the contrast and saturation, and automatically post-processes the image, to create richer colors and finer textures for food; watermark, which gives an additional touch of uniqueness to every moment with the following watermark types: time, location, weather, mood, food, and sport; AR lens and Backgrounds, which intelligently identifies and separates the subject from its background, and replaces the background according to your selection, supports still and dynamic backgrounds or choosing a Gallery image as the background. It also has effects, which supports fun effects that appear around your face.

Mc Richard Paglicawan | LionhearTV
Mc Richard Paglicawan | LionhearTV

Another highlight of the 7A is the ‘Party mode’ that really turns your phone into a professional music studio; this  mode supports simultaneous music playback on up to 9 devices, giving you a wonderful surround sound experience. Real-time headset monitoring is also exciting for any budding singer-songwriter.

Aside from Honor 7A, the smartphone brand also launches Honor 7S, a high-performing and stylish phone for youngsters who want their first smartphone experience worth it. It features a full-view display, powerful receiver, LED flash on both front and back cameras, smart battery management, and dual SIM and micro-SD slots. With the Honor 7S, even buyers on a budget can enjoy the premium smartphone experience.

The Honor 7A became available last July 7 on Shopee with a retail price of Php 6,990 and will be on flash sale for Php 5,990 on July 14 and 30. The Honor 7S on the other hand, will be available on Shopee and Lazada starting July 7 for only Php 5,490 and in select stores beginning July 10.



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