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McCafé serves real conversations and coffee

  • McCafé serves real conversations and coffee
  • The conversations that matter are best enjoyed over McCafé coffee

How do you start your day? For most of us, it starts with a cup of perfectly brewed coffee.

What was once just seen as a morning essential has now become the drink of choice for some of the most important moments of our everyday lives. Having coffee is now more than just savoring its flavor and aroma. It’s being able to spend time with someone special and create simple moments that tie you together despite the busyness of your lives. It’s also being able to have thoughtful and special conversations out of the most ordinary of circumstances. And all these real conversations are best over a cup of premium quality coffee goodness from McCafé.

With McCafé’s perfectly balanced brewed coffee, conversations are made more enjoyable and meaningful. Whether you’re catching up, seeking advice, or confiding a secret, these real conversations are all possible with your favorite McCafé drink — just like in McCafé’s latest online video where a mom and daughter have a candid exchange about the topic of fate and acceptance over McCafé Premium Roast Coffee and Iced Coffee.

Keep it real and talk about the things that matter over a cup of your favorite McCafé coffee. Watch how McCafé lets you strike real conversations through this online video: 

Talk it out and share your own real conversations through the hashtag #McCafeRealConversations.


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