#METOO: Here are some of the Filipina celebs who became a victim of sexual harassment

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  • #MeToo campaign was made ten years ago.
  • LionhearTV made a list of Filipina celebrities who were a victim of sexual harassment.

A campaign started ten years ago against sexual harassment was called “#MeToo.” African-American activist, Tarana Burke, founded the campaign to encourage “empowerment through empathy.”

The campaign also confirms a devastating truth that nearly every woman and a minority of men has been a victim of sexual harassment.

Although the campaign is prominent in Hollywood, it is also used by actors and actresses in Philippine entertainment.

Gretchen Fullido.

She just recently filed a sexual harassment case against Cheryl C. Favila, former ABS-CBN News Executive, and Maricar P. Asprec, ABS-CBN News Segment Producer. She disclosed that both Cheryl and Maricar sent her a series of text messages full of sexual innuendos and requests for sexual favors.

Ambra Gutierrez.

The Filipina-Italian model is just one of the many victims of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein‘s sexual harassment and misconduct. Ambra has been suffering years of condemnation for speaking out on what she went through.

During an event, the producer began asking her about her breasts. He then tried to force himself on her and tried to slip his hand up her skirt.

Rhian Ramos.

In 2016, she revealed that a drunk man sexually harassed her in a bar. Rhian then used this experience to start a project about sexual harassment. She gave out pepper sprays to women in MRT Ayala Station on the eve of Valentine’s Day in 2017.

Sunshine Cruz.

She revealed the physical, psychological and sexual abuse she received from estranged husband, Cesar Montano. She accused him of rape during Mother’s Day of 2013. Sunshine pointed out that Cesar violated the Republic Act 9262 or Anti-Violence against Women and Children’s Act of 2004.

Maggie Wilson.

She had a bad experience during Miss World 2007.

“When I was competing in China, I was physically harassed by our sponsors. Hinawakan ‘yung puwet ko, tapos ‘yung ibang girls, dinakma ang boobs! Siyempre, hindi nilabas sa press kasi nasa kontrata ko, bawal.”

Maggie shared her story, noting how she would rather have her dignity than to cheat on the competition.

“Chinese sponsors sila, isang malaking kumpanya. Nabastos ako. Ay, sinampal ko talaga siya, ‘no! ‘Yung humawak sa akin. Sabi ko, ‘Don’t touch me!’ Ginanun ko siya. Dyusko, I’d rather have my dignity, ‘di ba? I’d rather have my dignity than pumayag ako na bastusin ako para manalo ako, ‘di ba?”

Cherry Pie Picache.

Baron Geisler had victimized women in the Philippine entertainment industry. According to the report, Baron was drunk when he inappropriately touched Cherry Pie during a taping for a show. She filed a complaint in ABS-CBN Management and Professional Artist Management, Inc. (PAMI) to discipline the actor.

Julia Clarete.

She was another one of Baron’s victims. At first, Julia remained quiet about the said issue. According to a report, Baron invited Julia to a party, she agreed since they were actually friends. Before she arrived, Baron was already drunk. She sang on stage and Baron touched her inappropriately.

Yasmien Kurdi.

Another one of Baron’s victims, Yasmien filed a lasciviousness complaint against the actor. She also filed a complaint of unjust vexation against the actor. In a report, Baron approached his co-star then without warning harassed the actress.

Patrizha Martinez.

Yayo Aguila and William Martinez‘s daughter filed lasciviousness complaint against Baron, making her another one of his victims. Baron was, again, drunk when he touched Patrizha inappropriately. They were both in a bar in Makati City.

Kat Alano.

During DJ Mo Twister‘s podcast show, Good Times With Mo, she revealed that a public figure raped her in her own apartment in 2016. In her story, she was drinking with the said public figure and he was only supposed to drop her off. He, however, forced his way to her apartment and raped her.

Maureen Mauricio.

She was only twelve years old when a director asked her to take off her clothes during an audition in a talent search.

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