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Alden Richards and Andrea Torres: Too Close and Comfortable with Each Other

  • Alden Richards and Andrea Torres were caught on camera for being ‘too’ close to each other.
  • This happened during the farewell party of Victor Magtanggol.
  • Alden’s fans expressed their dislike on Andrea for the lead star of Victor Magtanggol.

Victor Magtanggol had its final episode on November 16 and the production along with its cast members had a farewell party.

Both Alden Richards and Andrea Torres were part of the series.

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The actor already mentioned during an interview that the show built a lasting relationship among its cast members. He said, “This is the kind of show that even when it ends the relationships we made will remain the same.”

They’ve grown close and are fond of each other. But, this close?

Netizens noticed that Richards and Torres were like glued to each other during the event.

There were moments that Alden would wrap his arms around Andrea, and the actress would lean her head on Alden’s shoulders. This led people to think they are an item.

Fans of Alden already expressed their disgust toward Andrea as the actor’s apple-of-the-eyes. They have been bashing the actress. The same way they bashed Janine Gutierrez.

Alden Richards and Andrea Torres are both currently single. Since Victor Magtanggol did not win the ratings, maybe love will.


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