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Get to Know the 12 Devoted ‘Yayas’ of your Favorite Celebrities

  • Yayas are more than just a helper. They are the person behind every celebrity’s success.
  • Some yayas have served their ‘alagas’ since they were still kids or toddlers.
  • Here’s a list of yayas who have devoted their lives to support their ‘bosses’.

Every celebrity, there is a devoted right hand who does all the hard work off-screen. These yayas can be a substitute mother, a caretaker, an errand runner, and more.

We don’t see them on screen or onstage, but their commitment to keeping their bosses’ lives easier is worth the standing ovation. So, it’s time we get to know them.

Here are the devoted ‘yayas’ of your favorite celebrities who’s been working tirelessly all day and night.

Maine Mendoza’s Ate Perly.

Ate Perly is not just Maine Mendoza’s yaya, but the yaya of the whole family. Ate Perly works diligently for the well-being of the Mendoza family.

Ina Raymundo’s Yaya Josie.

Yaya Josie has been following Ina Raymundo since she was seven years old. When Ina grew up to have a family of her own, she has no one to entrust with her five children but Yaya Josie. In the photo, Ina’s family is celebrating Yaya Josie’s birthday.

Kris Aquino’s Yaya Bincai

Yaya Bincai is a loyalist to Kris Aquino for 10 years now. She has been Josh and Bimby’s substitute mother whenever Kris is busy.

KC Concepcion’s Nanay Lina

From a rugged grader to a fabulous woman, Nanay Lina has been taking care of KC Concepcion since she was a little girl. She still stays with KC’s family. In return for her hard work, the actress brought Nanay Lina a house.

Gloria Diaz’s Yaya Luning

Who would have thought that Gloria Diaz would still need a yaya at her age? The 1969 Miss Universe is so attached with her yaya that she never fail to have her Yaya Luning to join their family photo.

Alden Richards’s Mama Tenten

Alden Richards is very close with her Mama Tenten. He would introduce Mama Tenten to everyone even before the actor isn’t that popular. To reward Mama Tenten for his effort, Alden brought him to Europe in 2017.

Piolo Pascual’s Yaya Moi

Piolo Pascual and Yaya Moi’s tandem is quite popular. She has been a long-time assistant for Piolo even though she had acting projects of her own. They support each other very well.

Valeen Montenegro and her yaya

Although she’s a villain onscreen, Valeen Montenegro has a soft heart for her yaya. She never mentioned her name though, probably for the best. Valeen revealed that her yaya is so sweet that she texts her good night regularly.

Rica Peralejo’s Daday

Daday has been around the Peralejo family for 50 long years. She was already taking care of the family way before the actress was born, and she’s still with them until now. Rica Peralejo is indeed very lucky to have such a committed and loyal yaya.

Drew Arellano and Primo’s Angels

Drew Arellano and Iya Villania need not one, but two yayas to take care of their son Primo. Drew and Iya both have hectic schedules. Thanks to these two women, Primo remains healthy and lively.

Lovi Poe and Ate Vina

Lovi Poe feels so lucky to have Ate Vina looking out for her. During the International Women’s Day, Lovi Poe posted, “You’ve got 2 beautiful, amazing children yet you still choose to give me a piece of your heart.”

Kris Bernal and Ate Glecy

Ate Glecy has been Kris Bernal’s second mother since she entered showbiz. Ate Glecy made sure the actress is well taken care of all the time.

Being a yaya to a celebrity is not easy, these celebrities are blessed beyond belief that they have someone trustworthy.


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