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10 Reasons Why You Should Watch “The Girl in the Orange Dress” This MMFF 2018 Season

  • ‘The Girl in the Orange Dress’ is now showing in cinemas.
  • We counted down the Top 10 Reasons Why ‘The Girl in the Orange Dress’ Is A Must-Watch This MMFF 2018!

The 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival has already started. And one of the entries that’s making a lot of buzz is Jay Abello‘s romantic comedy The Girl in the Orange Dress starring Jessy Mendiola and Jericho Rosales.

We counted down the Top 10 Reasons Why ‘The Girl in the Orange Dress’ Is A Must-Watch This MMFF 2018!

10. The film is directed by Jay Abello.

Jay Abello is known for his works like the indie film ‘Red‘ (2014) starring Jericho Rosales, Mercedes Cabral and Nico Antonio and the surf drama ‘Flotsam‘ (2015) featuring Solenn Heussaff and Rocco Nacino. His last film was the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2018 entry ‘Pinay Beauty‘ starring Chai Fonacier and Edgar Allan Guzman.

9. A co-production between Quantum Films, Star Cinema and MJM Productions.

They’re behind some of our favorite Pinoy films in recent memory like ‘Here Comes the Bride‘ (2010), ‘Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank‘ (2011), ‘Beauty in a Bottle‘ (2014), ‘English Only, Please‘ (2014), #WalangForever (2015), ‘All of You‘ (2017) and ‘Ang Dalawang Mrs. Reyes‘ (2018).

8. The Film’s Good Word-of-mouth.

The Girl in the Orange Dress’ has been receiving nothing but positive reactions from netizens who have seen the film. It is currently one of the most talked-about entry in this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival, with audiences praising the film’s unique style and story.

7. Undeniable Chemistry.

You will surely be surprised once you’ve watched the film because of the palpable chemistry between the two leads, Jericho Rosales and Jessy Mendiola. Many people were a bit adamant with Jericho and Jessy being paired for the first time. Some were even claiming that Jessy was not fit to be partnered with him. But once you’ve seen the film, you will definitely agree that they have great chemistry together.

6. The Film’s Hilarious Moments.

Of course, a romcom won’t be complete without the humor. And the film’s supporting cast composed of Juan Miguel Severo, Via Antonio, Cai Cortez and Nico Antonio will definitely make you laugh out loud. They play as reporters who are trying to get a scoop and find out who is the mysterious girl in the orange dress. Comediennes Tuesday Vargas and Kaladkaren also have special participation.

5. A Story of Friendship.

The film also follows the strong bond between BFFs played by Jessy MendiolaSheena Halili, Ria Atayde and Hannah Ledesma. Their motto: friends by chance, sisters by choice. Walang ahasan, specially sa boys. But their friendship will be tested as one of them gets involved in a scandal and soon, they will need to face the biggest challenge of their relationship.

4. Ria Atayde.

Ria Atayde plays Anna’s best friend Cacai, the ultimate fan girl of heartthrob Rye Del Rosario. Fan girls (and fan boys) will surely see themselves in her while watching the film.

The Girl in the Orange Dress’ marks her first time in joining the annual Metro Manila Film Festival.

3. Jericho Rosales.

Jericho Rosales plays celebrity heartthrob Rye Del Rosario in The Girl in the Orange Dress. After starring in Paul Soriano’s award-winning surf romance film ‘Siargao‘ last year, Echo returns to the annual  Metro Manila Film Festival thru this film. Audiences will be seeing a very different side of Echo as he portrays big time celebrity Rye, a guy who just wants to feel like a normal person for once in his life.

2. Jessy Mendiola.

Jessy Mendiola plays Anna Villegas, the titular girl in the orange dress. The film marks her first Metro Manila Film Festival entry and her return to the big screen after 2017’s action comedy ‘Extra Service‘. According to her, the film was a blessing as it came at the right time when she was thinking about leaving the showbiz industry already. Although she received criticisms for being picked to play the main role, Jessy will surely prove everyone wrong because she fits her character perfectly.

1. The Film’s Unique Story.

‘The Girl in the Orange Dress’ follows Anna (played by Jessy Mendiola), a conservative girl wakes up in bed in a 5-star hotel room with Rye (portrayed by Jericho Rosales), the biggest celebrity actor of the country and has no memory of how she got there. Now she has to avoid and escape the media and fans swarming outside the hotel, along with Cacai, her best friend who has given her whole life to loving Rye. ‘The Girl in the Orange Dress’ ventures into a reverse-courtship — getting to know and falling in love after a night of intoxication, into stereotypes and perceptions that break down walls, into friendships that know no bounds, and into love that withstands the price and baggage of fame.

The Girl in the Orange Dressis now showing in cinemas!

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