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International viewers! American DJ Diplo and kids watch GMA Network’s “Onanay”

  • Diplo and his kids watches Onanay.
  • He posted an Instagram Story of his screen which was airing Onanay.
  • Mikee Quintos re-posted, inviting viewers to watch Onanay earning a reply from Diplo himself. 

Onanay stars Mikee Quintos and Kate Valdez in a sisterly rival. Netizens felt surprised when American DJ Thomas Wesley Pentz Jr. or also known as Diplo posted an Instagram Story of him watching Onanay.

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Diplo watches Onanay.

The American DJ posted a photo of his television screen which was airing Onanay. He insinuated that his kids also watch the show. 

“This is why my kids have a funny accent.”

Quintos invites viewers.

Mikee re-posted this on her Instagram Story inviting viewers to watch Onanay.

“@diplo WATCHES ONANAY!!! You should too!!!”

Diplo replies.

Quintos posted another Instagram Story of her receiving a reply from Diplo himself. 

His alias, short for Diplodocus, was derived from his childhood fascination with dinosaurs. He already has countless of EDM anthems including Where Are Ü Now, Paper Planes and Look At Me Now.


Written by Angela Baltan

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