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International viewers! American DJ Diplo and kids watch GMA Network’s “Onanay”

  • Diplo and his kids watches Onanay.
  • He posted an Instagram Story of his screen which was airing Onanay.
  • Mikee Quintos re-posted, inviting viewers to watch Onanay earning a reply from Diplo himself. 

Onanay stars Mikee Quintos and Kate Valdez in a sisterly rival. Netizens felt surprised when American DJ Thomas Wesley Pentz Jr. or also known as Diplo posted an Instagram Story of him watching Onanay.

Diplo watches Onanay.

The American DJ posted a photo of his television screen which was airing Onanay. He insinuated that his kids also watch the show. 

“This is why my kids have a funny accent.”

Quintos invites viewers.

Mikee re-posted this on her Instagram Story inviting viewers to watch Onanay.

“@diplo WATCHES ONANAY!!! You should too!!!”

Diplo replies.

Quintos posted another Instagram Story of her receiving a reply from Diplo himself. 

His alias, short for Diplodocus, was derived from his childhood fascination with dinosaurs. He already has countless of EDM anthems including Where Are Ü Now, Paper Planes and Look At Me Now.


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