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OMG 10 inches! Andre Brouillette replies to query “What’s under the towel?”

  • Andre Brouillette posted photographs of himself on his Instagram account.
  • Andre Brouillette replied to a query ‘What’s under the towel?’ with ’10 inches of imagination’
  • A shirtless photograph of him circulated on social media where he bragged about the size of his private parts.

Andre Brouillette is currently a housemate in the second batch of Pinoy Big Brother: Otso. Netizens started to stalk the 21-year-old, the Filipino-American’s social media account where he has posted shots of his on Instagram.

Andre posted shirtless photos.

Brouillette has photos where he models for brands and photographers.

He also posted funny videos of himself with his friends.

Of course, Brouillette also has shirtless photographs of himself.

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days in the sun

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“What’s under the towel?”

A photo Brouillette posted on August 17, 2018 circulated the social media where he only wore a towel to cover the lower part of his body.

what is shorts”

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what is shorts

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A Netizen asked about what was under his towel.

😍😍 what’s under the towel

The housemate teased, 10 inches of imagination

He, then, pointed out that he was kidding but bragged about the size of “it.”

lol jk but it’s pretty big bruh

The Netizen he was discussing the size of whatever he’s referring to will remain unknown.


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