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Gretchen Barretto supports Nicko Falcis on his battle against Kris Aquino; Queen of All Media remains “chill”

  • Kris Aquino accused Nicko Falcis of stealing millions of her money.
  • Gretchen Barretto posted her support to Falcis and called Kris a “bully.”
  • Kris reacted to Barretto’s statement and remained “chill.”

Kris Aquino and Nicko Falcis are battling over a legal issue as she accused him of stealing her hard-earned money. In a report from, Falcis swore Aquino threatened his life. Gretchen Barretto posted the headline of the report, expressing her support for Nicko.

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Gretchen posts support for Nicko.

Barretto called Aquino a “bully” and accused her of power tripping.

“I feel for mr. Nicko Falcis after reading this article. I salute him for his courage to speak the truth , fight for his family name & reputation inspite of the threat to his life No to bullies!!!! STOP POWER TRIPPING 👊👊👊”

Kris Aquino reacts to issue.

A netizen left a comment on one of Aquino’s Instagram post.

“Ang taray ni @gretchenbarretto pero duwag naman kasi she turned off the comment button in her insta. Anong kalokohan ito greta? Wag tayo magpanggap, bistado ka na din. Wag ka na din makisawsaw pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase.”

Kris replied and chose to focus on Gretchen’s deeds back in 1986.

“@aishteru_kyoskite in this issue i shall choose to look back on the year 1986. @gretchenbarretto may dislike me now, but she campaigned for my mom against the Marcoses. Dedma na sa pagtingin nya sa kin. i have stated this time & again- i can look beyond insults against me because it’s part of the territory. But if my mother was treated with respect and my sons weren’t hurt- i am chill. So if i can be chill, maybe all you should be too?”

Until today, Falcis continued to deny Aquino’s theft allegation.

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