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Razorback drummer Brian Velasco dies after committing suicide

  • Brian Velasco passed away on Wednesday, January 16.
  • Via a Facebook Live, he recorded his suicide after saying his goodbyes.
  • Depression led Velasco to have reportedly caused his suicide.

Brian Velasco was a dummer of the iconic Filipino hard rock band, Razorback. Unfortunately, he passed away due to his suicide on Wednesday, January 16. He joined the band as its drummer in 1996.

Brian bade farewell.

In a recent Facebook Live on Wednesday, January 16, he said goodbye to his friends, family and colleagues before jumping off a building. Music promoter, Dudee Alfonso, confirmed this with Inquirer.

Celebrities and netizens hope Brian rests in peace.

Filipino band, SOAPDISH, used the #FightDepression in a Twitter post for Velasco.

“Rest In Peace Sir Brian Velasco. #FightDepression”

Josef Nery reminded everyone that they are not alone.

“Depression and Suicide ain’t no joke. If you’re going through something, talk to someone…

You are not alone in your Struggles. Always remember that you are loved.

Seek HELP Hopeline (02) 804-4673; 0917-5584673; and 2919 for Globe and TM

R.I.P Sir Brian Velasco of Razorback”

Writer Irish Christianne Dizon told her followers to stop spreading the video of his suicide. She also noted that everyone should remain compassionate.

“Please do not share Brian Velasco’s suicide video. It’s not entertainment. Someone DIED. Please do not let your need for chismis overpower your humanity.

Rest in peace, Brian.”

“Nakakalungkot yung nangyari. Every time you hear about someone taking their own lives, you always wonder, “Why? What was hurting? What could have been done?” I hope his tragic death reminds you to be more compassionate. Do not be a cruel force that pushes others to the void.”

Shay Daison hoped that the government would fund for mental health care in the country due to the fast climb of cases of suicide and depression.

“I don’t know Brian Velasco nor Razorback (don’t hate on me) but learning how he’d been a recent victim of depression and the way he took his life? Our country really needs to give more focus and attention to mental health. Please @govph.”

Christian Jacinto took Velasco’s death as a reminder to check on friends and not to share the video which could lead to possible triggers.

“Guys, check your friends. Every chance you get talk to them, hear them out. It could make a ton of difference. What a sad news. RIP Brian Velasco.”

“And please dont share the video. Could lead to possible triggers. Thanks”

Scholar Sabrina Manansala gave her condolences to Velasco’s loved ones.

“My heart goes out to the loved ones and family of Brian Velasco from Razorback. Today is a sad day for the music scene. And I just want everyone to know that if you need someone to talk to, I’m here to listen.”

Photographer Ian Felix expressed his sadness to the shocking news.

“Very sad and shocking news. Razorback drummer Brian Velasco had committed suicide by jumping off a building while on FB Live stream earlier today. #RIP Suicide is not an option. Let us help people with vulnerable signs of depression.”

Pop band We Are Imaginary reminisced of their childhood listening to Razorback’s music.

“We grew up listening to legends like Brian Velasco. May he finally rest in peace. :(“

Performer Eva Marie Poon expressed her sadness as they never got to see each other before his passing.

“I do not know what happened and l am still in shock but RIP Brian C. Velasco. We were never able to have that happy hour bottle in Boracay again just like the good ole Cable Car days. Prayers for you, your bandmates and your family. 🙏🙏🙏🙏”

Mia Magdalena shared a photo of Velasco smiling, posting her tribute.

“Brian C. Velasco Razorback drummer and a Baguio boy not too long ago Rest in peace. 📷 Chico Zapotilla”

As of this writing, Brian’s family has yet to release a statement.


Written by Angela Baltan

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