“Hello! BIR:” Regine Velasquez’s 3 songs for 1 million per show?

  • How much is Regine Velasquez-Alcasid’s talent fee?
  • After being with GMA Network for two decades, the Asia’s Songbird transferred to ABS-CBN in 2018
  • Vice Ganda, Regine Velasquez come together for concert series this February

During an interview on ‘Tonight With Boy Abunda,’ Regine Velasquez-Alcasid denied the 1-million talent fee of her singing three songs whenever she does a concert or gig.

Thinking the BIR might ran after her, she said, “Hello! BIR” and laughed.

It’s enough to know that she is one of the highest-paid talents in the country, that’s why every one of those who will be watching her valentine concert with Vice Ganda – The Songbird and the Songhorse – won’t be disappointed. The show will cost a big amount of money.

The producers of their concert also assured that it will be a happy and unforgettable show because it’s the first time that two great names in the showbiz industry are together in one stage.

It’s good to know that until now Regine is learning new voice techniques not to make her voice beautiful but to put her voice in a right placement as she is getting older.

For sure, she will be investing a ‘big amount’ on this therapy that’s why it’s a big step on her part to maintain her singing voice.



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