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Mikhail Red on non-formula films suggested by netizens said they still flopped

  • Mikhail Red is a well-known director who also expressed his sentiments regarding the ‘alarming’ situation of the local film industry
  • Films need life support and resuscitation’ said Erik Matti
  • Mikhail was also affected by the flop that he asked netizens for their non-formula film suggestions

Director Mikhail Red, the son of alternative cinema pioneer Raymond Red, has shown a skillful understanding of film language, displaying undeniable confidence in establishing films at a young age.

On February 11, following the issue on the flop of local movies in cinemas, he posted a statement in his Twitter account asking the netizens what genres and which stars do they want to see in a film that would make them want to be in the cinemas.

He stated, “They say that the Filipino film industry is dying. Let’s follow the law of supply and demand and ask YOU the audience. Curious to know what kind of local films YOU want to see made by us the filmmakers? What genre and which stars? What kind of film will make you go to the cinema?”

Then netizens started bombarding the director’s post with their different genres and versions of possible films that may make a hit and will have the local film industry rise from its downfall.

Before the day ended, he again posted in his account responding to the suggestions made by many.

He made an on-point statement emphasizing that those suggestions made were already created and at the same time have also flopped, sarcastically implying that maybe the real audiences/market are not on Twitter.

“Some of the non formula films you guys have suggested have already been made locally and have flopped, ex thrillers, action, mystery, historical epics, etc. 😞 I guess it’s safe to assume that the majority audience that truly drives the market are not on twitter?”

Other personalities have also shown their concern on the alarming situation that the Filipino film industry is facing.

The talent manager and radio host Ogie Diaz has asked help and support from the government. Government intervention may help filmmakers and producers to be more protected and more supported by implementing laws or rules in favor of the film industry.

Makati City’s first legislative district congressman Monsour de Rosario also commented that producers are financially constrained so taxes paid should somehow be lowered as to support the growth in the film industry.

Both also emphasized their concern on the cinema owners, that prices of tickets should be lessened and screening of local films should be patronized than those of international films, and the removal of ‘flopped’ local films in the first weeks of screening should not be the basis of taking it down and replacing it with other films.

The ‘dire situation’ of the Filipino film industry is a continuing fight for Filipino artists.

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