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If there’s KathDen, is there a Possibility for a MaiNiel tandem?

  • After the announcement of a KathDen film, fans are suggesting for a MaiNiel tandem as well.
  • KathNiel fans always make sure to support every film their idols would make. Thus each film is a box-office hit like the latest one  The Hows Of Us.
  • Alden Richards, dubbed as Pambansang Bae is grateful for the support of his fans and the fans of Kathryn.
  • Comparison between the two leading men Alden Richards and Daniel Padilla is inevitable.

Due to the recent development, Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards are doing a film together via Star Cinema, the fans of Maine Mendoza and Daniel Padilla are also toying around the idea of pairing up the two latter stars.

Bernardo is the real-life girlfriend of Padilla while Richards is Mendoza’s onscreen partner for the AlDub tandem.

Despite the ‘kilig’ factor that the KathNiel tandem has provided for their fans, both artists ensures the quality of film they can offer not just for the fans but for the moviegoers in general.

Both take seriously their craft, thus Kathryn opted (even Daniel) not to do a project together for a year as for them to explore and grow individually as artists.

Richards on the hand, is grateful for the warm support of his Aldenatics and even for the overwhelming support from Kathryn’s fans, too.

The announcement that Star Cinema made on Kathryn doing a film with Alden did shock a lot of both KathNiel and AlDub fanatics. Various comments surface on the Net. There were those who predicted that the film will be a huge hit, but there were those who find it difficult to embrace the idea and even pointed that the two stars don’t have chemistry together.

What about Maine and Daniel?

After the revelation on the Bernardo-Richarads tandem, the other half of KathNiel and AlDub fandom were also hinting if Daniel Padilla and Maine Mendoza can also be paired up.  Both camps are toying on the name MaiNiel.

Comparison between the two leading men Alden Richards and Daniel Padilla is inevitable. The two male stars are proven to be crowd-drawers. If KathDen are predicted to be a hit so as the MaiNiel as fans thought of it as well.

After all, the fans are the ones who make a loveteam exciting and interesting.


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