Loisa Andalio earns support from Netizens amid Her alleged Video Scandal

  • An alleged video scandal of Kapamilya star Loisa Andalio got leaked on social media. 
  • Many Netizens slammed those who were responsible for spreading the video
  • Loisa gained support from her fans against those who criticized her.

Kapamilya young female star Loisa Andalio is currently on a hot seat after an alleged video scandal went viral online.

The original video post was already deleted but Netizens are active to have some screenshots making it still circulate online. In the two-minute video, a girl was seen doing some naughty things exposing her breasts. It was allegedly taken last year but only now have surfaced online.

The controversy then gained mixed reactions from Netizens. Some were doubtful that it was indeed the Kapamilya star while the others were convinced because of the tattoo on her hand.

However, fans of Loisa have come to her defense on social media, scrutinizing and digging more information on whether or not the alleged video scandal has been manipulated. Also, they currently are searching for the user named Katrina Paraiso Simangan and file a case of Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism, who accordingly posted and made the alleged video scandal of Andalio available for public viewing.

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LETS HELP LOISA 💪Wanted: KATRINA PARAISO SIMANGANCurrent Location: Aichi Nagoya , JapanOriginated: DavaoCase: The Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009

Posted by Nginig Squad on Friday, March 22, 2019

Accordingly, Congress a Republic Act 9995 (Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009) stated the prohibition of recording of videos or taking photos of a sexual act, the male or female genitalia, and of the female breast, among others, without the consent of the persons featured in the material.

The law ultimately seeks to prevent the reproduction, distribution, and publication of said material regardless of whether or not the persons featured consented to the recording.

‘Toxic Filipino Society’ this was what some Netizens described those who publicly shamed and criticized Loisa, even without proving that it was really her.

This month, Women’s Month is celebrated and some Netizens questioned women solidarity and empowerment as fellow omen do not act accordingly. They find it ironic that people wanted the development in society, criticizing those who go against equality but they themselves violate what they fight for.



Regardless of all the bashing and criticisms against Andalio, many still support and recognize and respect her. Whether it was her or not, Netizens think that no one deserves this kind of public shaming and all must already look forward to a society where everyone does not go against each other.

As of this writing, there are still no statements coming from Loisa Andalio, her onscreen partner and real-life boyfriend Ronnie Alonte and the management of Star Magic.



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