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Pia Wurtzbach, pressured and thrilled to work on her upcoming movie

  • Pia Wurtzbach won the Miss Universe crown in 2015
  • Since then, she already starred in two mainstream movies under Star Cinema
  • In a recent interview, she said that she’s set to star in an upcoming comedy film under Black Sheep Productions
  • She also shared that she feels pressured and thrilled at the same time working on the said project

Pia Wurtzbach won the Miss Universe title in 2015. Since then, she has starred in two mainstream films under Star Cinema.

The first one was an official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival of 2017, “Gandarrapiddo: The Revenger Squad” and the other one is “My Perfect You” with Gerald Anderson that was shown in March 2018.

During her interview with MJ Felipe, she said that she is set to star in a comedy film under Black Sheep Productions.

Pia already knows the story and she finds it “really interesting. Offbeat, and when I say comedy, it’s not just your usual comedy either. Dark comedy.”

Regarding who’s going to team up with her this time, she said that she feels pressured about who’s going to be her undisclosed leading man, at the same time she feels thrilled working on the said project, “I feel the pressure, but I am excited. I feel like with this role, I will be able to really explore my acting abilities and show more of what I can do.”

She said she took the challenge of accepting the role as she finds the script very interesting.

“This time, the script is really interesting.

“Apparently, when they were looking at the role and the script, they couldn’t think of a lot of girls who could pull it off but somehow, they thought that they could trust me with this role so I am ready to take that challenge.”

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