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“Ouch.” Suzette Doctolero reacts on a netizen’s comments on ‘Sahaya’

  • Suzette Doctolero comments against the basher questioning the casting and script of Sahaya
  • Suzette Doctolero does not buy the idea of having a real Badjaw play the lead role in Sahaya
  • The scriptwriter pointed out that producing drama series like Sahaya is a risk
  • Suzette concluded her message with an apology

Suzette Doctolero, a Kapuso scriptwriter, expressed herself against the basher that questioned the casting and script of ‘Sahaya.’

Sahaya is a drama series broadcast by GMA Network that premiered on March 28, 2019.

The story revolves with Sahaya, a young Badjaw woman, the daughter of a disgraced Badjaw, who will develop a strong connection with water, and whose positive outlook in life inspires her family and community.

Despite the good rating of the show and positive feedback form televiewers, Sahaya wasn’t exempted from bash and criticism.

The basher believes that Sahaya’s lead role must be played by a real Badjaw (mentioning Rita Gaviola) because she is ‘undeniably suitable’ instead of Bianca Umali.

The scriptwriter of Sahaya, Suzette Doctolero stood up and defended the show from the basher who is questioning the casting and script of Sahaya.

According to the scriptwriter, Rita Gaviola is not ready for a lead role and producing a show such as Sahaya is already a risk.



The basher then posted his personal rating of Sahaya, which Suzette counteracted.


Later on, the basher asked for forgiveness but asked Suzette to be open to criticism from the viewers for improvement.


Suzette concluded her comment with an apology.



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