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Barbie Imperial denies that career is the reason why her relationship with JM De Guzman did not work out

  • Barbie Imperial finally expressed her sentiments regarding the revelations of his former loveteam, JM De Guzman, about their relationship
  • In the episode of ‘Tonight With Boy Abunda’ yesterday, May 6, the young actress revealed what pissed her of JM’s statements
  • The Kapamilya actress admitted that her recent tweet was for JM

After JM De Guzman’s guesting on ‘Tonight With Boy Abunda’ last April 10, Barbie Imperial shared her sentiments as she appeared in the same talk show yesterday, May 6.

Barbie clarified and gave her views regarding the revelations of JM with regards their relationship.

Barbie denied that their showbiz careers is the reason why they didn’t work out – as what JM told in his interview.

She claimed that there is a different reason but the actress chose to keep it to herself, considering how JM is being bashed because of the issue they are in.

She said, “Wala po e. Alam ko na kung paano siya ibash ngayon ng mga fans namin, mga haters namin. Para sa akin may pinagsamahan naman kami nung tao. Kaya ko naman na sa akin na lang po.”

The actress confirmed that the actor didn’t give her false hopes and the actor really tried to pursue her. However, she could not decipher his intentions.

“Hindi po. Hindi niya po ako pinaasa. Madami kasi yun, Tito Boy e. Puwedeng pinursue ka niya na seryoso talaga siya. Puwedeng pinursue ka din niya na may iba pala. Puwedeng pinursue ka din niya na parang gusto ka lang niya uli saktan. Basta pinursue naman niya ako, yun na yun.”

The Kapamilya actress admitted to Tito Boy that JM’s statement regarding the length of their relationship, if there is to be called such, made her pissed and angry.

According to the actor, their shared relationship didn’t last for a month contradicting to what Barbie had assumed.

Barbie stated, “Dun lang din po ako napikon. Kasi para sa akin lagpas na siya ng isang buwan pero sa kanya pala mag-iisang buwan pa lang.”

The actress explained that they tried to work things out but it seems like they were way too broken, and they can’t find a way to fix each other when they still have to fix their own.

Barbie described herself and JM as ‘dalawang taong wasak’ (two broken persons) and stated there must at least be one who is whole for a relationship to last.

When asked about her post “once a liar, always a liar,” the actress bravely answered that it was, of course, for JM.

After what happened between the JuanBie loveteam, the Kapamilya actress revealed that she doesn’t want to be friends with JM as of the moment.

Ako, hindi ko po talaga kaya e. Pero hindi ko po tutuldukan dun kasi hindi ko pa naman po alam ang mangyayari sa mga susunod na araw. Pero sa ngayon po, talaga hindi po talaga.” 

In the segment ‘Kiss, Marry, Kill’ of ‘TWBA,’ Barbie joked of walking out as the third set of men revealed her 3 exes that earned hard laughs from the audience and Tito Boy. With conviction and whole honesty, Barbie chose to kill the three of them: Ryle Tan, Paul Salas, and JM De Guzman.

Despite what happened to them, Barbie is still thankful to JM because if not for the actor, she will not be launched as a leading lady. All the grudges, she keeps to herself for she has respect for JM and she doesn’t want that he will feel bad and the actor will see her as a bad person.

She also stated she is only waiting for the right time when she will feel no bad feelings for JM anymore, before they can be friends again.

On a lighter note, after their ‘MMK’ episode, Barbie is set to top-bill, with his new loveteam Paulo Angeles, the upcoming drama titled ‘Taiwan That You Love.’


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