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Misunderstanding between Moira dela Torre and Regine Velasquez in ‘Idol Philippines,’ scripted?

  • Idol Judges’ Moira Dela Torre and Regine Velasquez recent misunderstanding was suspected to be scripted
  • Moira Dela Torre clarified that the issue was not scripted
  • Moira shared that the competition gets tough as days go by

On the heated search for the next Idol Philippines, one of the recent issues on this singing competition is the misunderstanding between the judges, Moira Dela Torre and Asia’s Song Bird, Regine Velasquez.

It was only recently that these 2 judges got into a little misunderstanding because of an aspirant having a singing style that’s the same as singers Moira Dela Torre and Yeng Constantino, and their kind of voice that is copied and not born with it.

But some rumors circulated that the misunderstanding that happened was scripted. One of the judges, Moira Dela Torre, had cleared and confirmed that what had happened was true, according to PUSH.

“Totoo naman po, (scripted?) hindi. Totoo po ‘yun. Kasi sunod-sunod sila , hindi ko nga alam na sunod-sunod din ba pinakita ‘yung audition, tapos hindi ko alam na ako din ‘yung influence nila, so noong pang tatlo na, nagtago na ako (beside James Reid) alam ko na sasabihin niya, but after every taping, we’re so light and masaya po kami sa set.”

She even added that she herself had hard times in finding her own sound.

“Kahit naman po ako, in my eleven years trying to find my own sound, ang dami ko na din naging sound and ngayon lang din ako naging confident sa sound ko kahit na sabihin pa bebe or electric fan ‘yung boses ko, I’m okay, I’m confident, this is my sound and you’ve nothing to say about it.”

The singer even added that she feels what other idol aspirant feels, since she herself is a product of a talent search too.

“Alam ko ‘yung feeling na ma-reject, so ang dali lang po na i-encourage sila lalo na nung nag-eliminate na kami, ‘yung mga na-eliminate nilapitan ko. It was so easy for me to reach out to them kasi I was credible enough to say na ‘alam mo if may naniniwala sa second chance ako yun.”

When asked about a lot of singers copying her singing style, the actress answered humbly, “Alam ko din po na un-conscious ‘yun pero kahit po ako noon, naging influence ko si Brooke Fraser, naging kaboses niya ako for a while, si Sarah Bareilles, naging kaboses ko din siya and si Nora Jones, it just took one person to believe in me and give me a chance and eventually I found my own self.”

The actress even admitted that the search for the next Idol is getting harder.

“Ang dami po kasi nila na magaling, actually lahat sila magaling to the point na hirap na hirap kaming lahat.”

Now, Singer-songwriter, Moira Dela Torre is also preparing for a concert and an album launch, aside from sitting as judge in ‘Idol Philippines.’


Written by Cathy Solivar

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